Scientific work

Scientific work: what is it?

Writing research work is an important stage in teaching. Diploma, course work, thesis – they sum up the original result in the learning process. Therefore, this is quite a difficult thing. Many students are wondering how to write a research paper so that subsequent protection is successful. This article is designed to answer most questions related to writing, give a number of useful tips and recommendations that will help to accomplish the task as high as possible. Scientific research is not only concerned with scientists, but also with students. First, let’s answer the question, what is scientific research work, why is it needed and who does it. Research work (R & W) is an activity aimed at collecting, analyzing, interpreting and organizing certain information. R & W implies the use of specialized scientific methods, reference to a wide stratum of scientific literature. It is focused on obtaining a result that represents a research value. It can be a course or diploma work, a monograph, a dissertation or a scientific article. In addition to scientific value, the R & W illustrates the level of mastery of the curriculum among students, the degree of their mastery of the scientific apparatus. Writing and protecting a research level of a certain level is an indispensable prerequisite for obtaining a scientific title or academic degree by the researcher. Scientific works are written by students, undergraduates, post-graduate students, associate professors, doctors of sciences.
How to choose a topic for research?

The first question that arises when writing a research paper is what topic to choose. Perhaps the most painful question is how to choose a topic for the forthcoming work. There are two options: take the topic from the list, which is provided by the department, and come up with it yourself. Both options have their own tangible advantages and disadvantages. The first option may be preferable simply because it is easier. Yes, and this topic in the future will be more productive – qualified teachers with a long history of scientific work obviously took them not from the ceiling. Obvious minus – the topic may be uninteresting. The second option is preferable if writing scientific work is not just a formal fulfillment of the requirements of the educational program, but a process in which the researcher is involved from personal interests. But here there are two dangers. If you do not carefully study the topic, it can be unproductive. In other words, after the fact becomes clear that there is nothing to investigate, and the result will be zero. The second danger is that this topic may be too undeveloped. There will be so few sources on it that a full-fledged research work simply will not work. Therefore, it is important to follow the following rules: the topic is chosen taking into account already existing studies and close to them. Turning to the experience of predecessors is not only useful, but also necessary. It is possible that an existing monograph or other scientific work contains prerequisites for a new study. Before approving the topic, you need to make sure that there are enough sources for it. Ideally, the study of the subject literature should begin before the choice of the topic after the researcher has just decided on a common thematic field. The topic should have practical relevance or reveal the actual problems of modern science. The topic should meet the goals of the chosen educational area of training. When choosing a topic, one should always consult a scientific supervisor or any other specialist who understands the given problem. It is important to remember that a competently chosen topic is the key to success when writing any scientific text and sign of good essay writer.

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Buy argumentative essay online from professional authors

Argumentative essay is a unique literary style of free expression of your thought, where allegories, metaphors, words in figurative meaning, etc. are used. The high-quality writing of an essay requires preparation. Otherwise, it is quite difficult to reflect your ideas and opinions artistically, coherently and voluminously.

The problem in creating an argumentative essay is that the work must clearly state the problem, detail its analysis using an analytical tool and draw your own conclusions. Not every student has time to write this kind of college papers, especially since this work is usually asked not for basic, but for additional subjects. However, you can buy argumentative essay online on any discipline in a specialized service.

How to buy argumentative essay online?

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Advantages to buy argumentative essay online

Writing an argumentative essay, a student should not only have a deep notion of a special topic and be well versed in it, but also have his or her own opinion on the suggested problem, and know, how to share it. Therefore, a perfect literary language and competent arguments for your point of view are required. If, while writing an abstract, it is easy to analyze different sources, then the essay requires a deeper penetration into the subject. Experts of online services are the pros of their business. Rely on them!

Do not download an essay directly from sites, educators, as a rule, are familiar with the content of similar web sites. There is a different story, when an argumentative essay to order is created specifically for you and according to your requirements. Such argumentative essay will take into account not only the work itself, but also your own point of view, which will be written in a perfect language, taking into account all the requirements of your professor.

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Thus, to buy argumentative essay online not only helps you to find solution of one of your current problems, but also frees your time for classes on main subjects that matter for your future profession.


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Research paper, Review

Research paper writing service that never lets you down

At the present stage of the development of the system of higher education, the research activity of students is becoming increasingly important and is becoming one of the main components of the professional training of future specialists. The research activity of students allows to fully realize the acquired knowledge, to show individuality and creative abilities, readiness for self-realization of the individual.

Types of research activity of university students

In practice, it is common to distinguish two main types of research work of students:

  1. Educational research activity, stipulated by the current curricula.

This kind can include research papers, abstracts, reports, course and diploma work. During the execution of the listed works, the student takes the first steps toward independent scientific creativity: he learns to work with scientific literature and sources, acquires the skills of critical selection and analysis of necessary information. Gradual increase in the level of requirements for course work contributes to the development of the student as a researcher, and the execution of the thesis is aimed at consolidating and expanding the theoretical knowledge gained during the time of study at the university. Our research paper writing service can help you with writing any of the above mentioned papers.

  1. The non-academic research activity is in excess of those required by curricula.

The researchers noted that it is this form of scientific creativity that is most effective for the development of research and scientific abilities among students. If the student is ready to engage in additional study of the discipline, show interest in the field of latest achievements, the main problem of the educational process is solved – the motivation of the student for classes.

The joint research work of the teacher and student is the key point of the educational process and is aimed at deepening theoretical knowledge, improving skills in a specific field of activity and preparing an erudite specialist with a large stock of information capable of professionally solving professional problems.

How to increase student’s interest in research work

To enhance the research work of students, it is necessary to:

  • increase the practical importance of student work,
  • provide the opportunity to publish research results in scientific journals and collections,
  • establish regular contacts with students and professors of scientific centers and universities,
  • select the most capable students for scientific work,
  • and moral incentives for students.

It is necessary to prove that scientific activity enables self-realization, promotes intellectual and creative development, increases the prestige of the student in the eyes of fellow students.

The problem of activating the research activity is connected with the correctness of the choice of the form of research activity; the teacher needs to competently compare the opportunities and interests of students with the requirements of the curriculum or the objectives of research. The task will be solved correctly if students show interest and activity, and the result will be expressed in the form of a report or an abstract.

The basis of cognitive activity of students is laid by the teacher during lectures and seminars, including the development of a sense of satisfaction from the expansion and updating of knowledge.

Those students, who are not going to connect their life with science or simply find a particular topic not interesting, can turn for help to our research paper writing service. Professional and highly motivated writers perform your task on the highest possible level.

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Citation in coursework

There are two types of citation: 1) a quotation from the source is given, which is then thoroughly analyzed; 2) quotations are uttered from secondary sources in support of your point of view or for the purpose of their critical analysis

The number of quotes depends on the topic of the course. If it is devoted to the study of the scientific contribution, for example, of some Nobel laureate, which without copying you can’t do. In other cases, it’s necessary to quote, when you will not say otherwise, or the given formulation is the most exhaustive and bright. Any beginner with all other people’s statements may seem very thoughtful, with time a critical view of things is formed.

Excerpts that you are going to disassemble in detail, by volume should not exceed half the page. If the text seems to be very important to you, but its volume is greater than the specified one, it’s better to place it in the application.

Extracts from critical literature are needed only when they confirm your point of view or formulate new provisions that do not need to be rephrased.

If the quotation is too long and contains some minor fragments, they can be omitted, replacing the missing places with dots. If you do not agree with the quoted author, you must specify this before or after the statement

Quotations should be quoted. It is important to make sure that the quotes are not only open, but also closed in the appropriate place.

The text of the quote must completely coincide with the source from which it’s taken. Ideally, all quotations, even those that you borrowed from other authors, should be rechecked by original sources. If you want to allocate some important place, then you can do this by indicating in parentheses that the underscore or italics is not the author, but yours.

Be careful with translated texts. In particular, this concerns the writing of certain terms, as well as personal names.

Do not attribute other people’s ideas to authors, this will make your text not literate.

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What is it the review?

Let’s start with what a review is by itself. In general, this word has a Latin origin, where “recensio” means “viewing, reporting, evaluating, reviewing something”. This means that the main task of the student here is to briefly recount the contents of the work, while doing an analysis and expressing their opinion. The review is, perhaps, the most difficult kind of composition. It can only be exercised by the strongest students and is also an indicator of the mastery of the teacher. Examination review, like any other review, is written on a completely new work, to which no one (well, or almost no one) has written anything. It helps the student to demonstrate how much he has developed the skill of analyzing a literary work. The very same skill is formed when working with classical, “established” works. In the examination review, the author writes about things of the modern, which have not yet been properly analyzed in specialized literature. About them has not yet formed some opinion. They should be considered in the context of today’s life, today’s realities.

What is the structure of the examination review?

Speaking about the structure of the examination review, it is worth remembering that this concept is very conditional, in contrast to the scientific review. Items here can stand in any place, but, nevertheless, they must be present necessarily. The source text here is a work of art, and therefore the artistic style of presentation is also more appropriate in the review. Most often it is chosen by creative, gifted students. The first thing to remember first the teacher, and then the student, is that the review is a kind of message from the person who read the book (or who watched the film, the play) to those who have not already done so. This means that it must necessarily contain the output of the original work: the author, the title, perhaps the year of publication. Also it is necessary to give considerable attention to the presentation of the content. True, in the latter case, do not overdo it and reduce everything to the presentation, because then to someone who reads your work, then it will be uninteresting to refer to the very original work. There must be a conceptual analysis. The basic conceptual idea must be understood from it. There must also be noted some interesting and unusual moments, for example, author’s style, unusual manner of presentation.

Work on the examination review

This means that all the most significant points should be analyzed. This requirement, however, does not mean that the reviewer must necessarily share the point of view of the author of the work. It can be completely different, but, however, should be expressed without mixing the author’s personal opinion of the review. Due to the fact that the presented work is hardly considered by anyone, the author of the review should be able to express his own point of view, to consider the work based on the realities of modern life and precisely in their context. Another, of course, important is the moment of taking into account modern literary realities. All this implies topicality in the good sense of the word. To be aware of current trends in this field and to be guided by novelties, the student should at least occasionally look in the literary magazines. Also an integral part of any review, including scientific, for which, like the whole scientific style, objectivity is characteristic, is subjective analysis, subjective evaluation. You can go to it only by performing an objective analysis. The author’s opinion of the review can be very controversial, but it is precisely its value that it is its own. True, in order to have more soil under it, it must be based on an understanding of the essential foundations of the work.R

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Helpful Tips

In any of writing works plagiarism is forbidden, so if you buy a scientific paper online, make sure that the essay writers are really professionals. A few more tips that will help to write a high-quality scientific work: do not be afraid to reformulate the topic and other fundamental assumptions, even if there are already a lot written. The new data may show that the original topic is either already worked out, or simply does not bear novelty and relevance. In this case, the fundamental rethinking of all work will be the only correct way out. On the formal rules for the design of research must always be remembered, it is desirable to conduct all necessary manipulations already in the process of writing a draft version, which will help to avoid many problems in the future. The supervisor is not just a teacher who follows the process of work. He directs it in the right direction, edits and gives valuable advice. Do not neglect consultations. On the contrary, you should ask as many questions as possible. After all, this person, among other things, has a huge experience in writing research papers. It is necessary to carefully monitor the sources. Many branches of scientific knowledge are developing very quickly, and it may come out that an article written just a year ago can now be unreliable and outdated. Obsolete data in scientific work is a serious mistake that will not pass by a qualified reviewer. We need to closely monitor the style of the narrative. Within the scope of scientific work, the excess of terminology and even chancelleries is not considered a mistake. On the contrary, the scientific style has its very strict framework, which must be adhered to, so that the content of the work is correctly received. In the eyes of the reviewer and the commission, mastery of terminology and strict observance of the norms of scientific style are only a plus. The work should be cited and there should not be plagiarism. Any thought that does not belong to the author is formalized as a direct quote. To bypass modern antiplagiarism is quite difficult, besides, the presence of unregistered borrowings instantly lowers the value of work in the eyes of the reviewer and any other reader. A negative result is also a result. It should be remembered that it’s extremely difficult to say something really fundamentally new within the framework of this or that scientific branch. With a high probability, the end result of the work will not match the originally stated, and this is normal. Written worth re-reading. Always. And it’s not even in grammatical, syntactic errors or typos. On a fresh head, previously written can be perceived quite differently. And, of course, the most important recommendation is to understand as much as possible the topic of your work. A wide theoretical baggage will not only help to write a qualitative diploma, course or thesis, but also confidently answer questions in the defense process. To write a high-quality scientific work is a complex, multifaceted task. But this is a key milestone in the educational process, which cannot be avoided. If you adhere to certain rules and recommendations, to treat this process seriously and responsibly the chances of success are significantly increased.

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Research paper

Research paper writing service

First and foremost, it is important to define what a research paper is. A research paper is a piece of academic writing which has to do with scientific search, conducting experiments in order to receive or expand knowledge, examination of scientific hypotheses etc.

A research paper is an expanded form of essay which presents your own vision of a particular topic.  When you start writing a research paper you have to use everything you know about the subject.

How to write a research paper

  • Select a topic. ‘If you do not know where you are going, then you end up in a wrong place’.  This statement has a lot to do with research process. If you have no idea what you are looking for, eventually you will waste your time on studying interesting facts which have nothing to do with your theme. Try to define a clear and precise question of your research from the very beginning.

A good research question has to be:

  1. Precise
  2. Important
  3. Researchable
  • Use academic search engines
  • Data management. While doing research it is crucial to avoid the feeling of being lost. If you found an article which you liked, retain the reference.
  • Introduction must be persuasive. Grad a reader’s attention using fascinating statistics, shocking facts or quotes said by famous people.
  • Keep track of the word number.
  • Consider aims of paragraphs. Summary must be concise.
  • List references
  • Use cliché for different paragraphs
  • Cite your resources correctly

You should keep in mind that a research paper isn’t a descriptive essay. A research paper is a precise and specific work based on facts. Make sure you understand the topic clearly. Do not hesitate to ask questions. The better you know the theme, the easier it will be for you to write a research paper. You need to convince your readers that you know what you are writing about. Let your mind be inquisitive. You may find unknown facts which will blow everyone’s minds.

Research papers might be challenging. They consume a lot of time and effort. Plenty of questions pop up in your head. Which parts should I include? What should I skip?  Am I making myself clear? If you have any trouble writing a research paper, you should get help from research paper writing services. Professional writers will do their best to provide you with a high-quality research paper.

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