Citation in coursework

There are two types of citation: 1) a quotation from the source is given, which is then thoroughly analyzed; 2) quotations are uttered from secondary sources in support of your point of view or for the purpose of their critical analysis The number of quotes depends on the topic of the course. If it is […]

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What is it the review?

Let’s start with what a review is by itself. In general, this word has a Latin origin, where “recensio” means “viewing, reporting, evaluating, reviewing something”. This means that the main task of the student here is to briefly recount the contents of the work, while doing an analysis and expressing their opinion. The review is, […]

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Scientific work

Scientific work: what is it?

Writing research work is an important stage in teaching. Diploma, course work, thesis – they sum up the original result in the learning process. Therefore, this is quite a difficult thing. Many students are wondering how to write a research paper so that subsequent protection is successful. This article is designed to answer most questions […]

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Helpful Tips

In any of writing works plagiarism is forbidden, so if you buy a scientific paper online, make sure that the essay writers are really professionals. A few more tips that will help to write a high-quality scientific work: do not be afraid to reformulate the topic and other fundamental assumptions, even if there are already […]

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Research paper

Research paper writing service

First and foremost, it is important to define what a research paper is. A research paper is a piece of academic writing which has to do with scientific search, conducting experiments in order to receive or expand knowledge, examination of scientific hypotheses etc. A research paper is an expanded form of essay which presents your […]

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