10 Comic Book Characters Who’ve Held The Mantle Of The Starry Avenger

Today is Memorial Day, and to mark the occasion, we’re taking a look at 10 characters who have held the role of Captain America in the Marvel Universe…although some were admittedly older. worthy than others!

Introduced in the pages of Captain America Comics #1 in March 1941, Captain America became one of the most iconic characters in the Marvel Universe both on page and on screen.

Of course, when we talk about Captain America, we are referring to Steve Rogers. He’s not the only one to have held the position over the decades, and some would argue he’s not even the best Captain America! It’s a controversial claim, but we hope you’ll be even more excited to see where he ranks in this ranking of those who wielded the shield.

Heroes and villains have both donned red, white, and blue over the years, but some made Captain America fairer than others, even if only for a short time compared to Steve. .

And then there are those who come from another Earth! To consult them, click on the “Next” button below…

10. Frankish Castle

Civil War established that Frank Castle had great respect for Steve Rogers, even after the most patriotic Avenger beat him up for taking down a few criminals in front of him.

After Cap’s apparent assassination, Frank decided to reinvent the mantle for himself, becoming a twisted cross between Captain America and The Punisher. He continued to kill those who broke the law, but eventually agreed to give up the mask when confronted by Bucky (who was understandably furious that he was killing in Cap’s name).

His time as “Captain America” ​​was brief, and outside of the psychotic William Burnside, Frank is easily the worst “hero” to ever take on this role in the Marvel Universe.

It’s not that Captain America doesn’t kill; he does not kill like this.

9. Samantha Wilson


On the world Spider-Gwen calls home, Captain America is a young black woman named, wait, Samantha Wilson.

However, she was not a former sidekick. Instead, she was convinced by Peggy Carter to take part in Project: Rebirth, and her story didn’t turn out all that differently from Steve’s. Going up against Red Skull and Baron Zemo, she too ended up in ice, but became an icon in the process.

In the present, she worked for SHIELD and continued to fight the good fight.

He was a special Captain America, but didn’t have enough time on the page for us to rank higher than that.

8. John Walker


John Walker briefly became the MCU’s new Captain America in The Falcon and the Winter Soldierbut comic book fans will know him best as U.S. Agent (a role his live-action counterpart has now taken on).

The military veteran was drafted into the US government to fill the void left by Steve Rogers when he became a nomad, and although his stint as Captain America was short-lived, he made a huge impact as a A much more violent and darker cape that was a little less forgiving while still protecting his country.

Walker later overcame his mental health issues to be portrayed in a heroic light, but his stint as Captain America wasn’t as positive.

Marvel Studios stuck with the comics here, but made John a slightly more complex character.

7. Sharon Rogers

United States1

A character in Marvel’s Future Fight rather than the comics, Sharon Rogers is the daughter of Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter.

In this world, Steve never ended up diving into the ice. Instead, he got his happy ending with Peggy and Sharon started working for SHIELD after her parents retired. This led to her becoming Captain America, and this formidable-looking new shield was created for her by Iron Man.

We love the idea of ​​this Captain America, and it’s something Marvel Studios might now choose to explore on screen.

After all, if Steve rewrote the timeline when he went back in time, that Sharon might be out there somewhere, but would probably be his granddaughter rather than his daughter.

6. Peggy Carter


Speaking of Peggy Carter, it’s not just in the What if? animated series whose shield she wields.

On Earth-86315, Peggy is convinced by Howard Stark to take the Super Soldier Serum after Dr. Abraham Erskine and Steve Rogers are shot by the Nazis.

This cap first appeared in the Marvel Puzzle Quest mobile game, and while she doesn’t have a lot of history (she was only introduced in 2018), Peggy has made her mark. And that’s despite an origin story that’s steeped in tragedy after Steve’s shocking disappearance.

Between What if…? and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnesswe can’t wait to see more of Peggy, albeit as Captain Britain rather than Captain America.

5. Isaiah Bradley


Reconnected to Marvel Universe history, Isaiah Bradley was among the 300 Black Soldiers the US government tested the Super Soldier Serum on after Steve Rogers was successfully transformed into Captain America.

Its history is dark and heartbreaking, but it’s worth recounting (especially given its relevance to what’s happening in the world today). He didn’t end up in ice, but left quite a legacy after his World War II adventures, with his grandson, Eli Bradley, the former leader of the Young Avengers as the Patriot.

Isaiah is often overlooked, but is an important and relevant part of Captain America’s legacy.

The character played a small, but undeniably impactful role in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and helped Sam Wilson realize the cost of being a Black Captain America.

4. Danielle Cage


Before leaving Marvel for DC, Brian Michael Bendis teased the possibility that Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ daughter, Danielle, was a Skrull impostor.

That’s yet to be ironed out, but in a possible future, she’ll become the new Captain America.

Her powers grew from her superhero parents rather than a super soldier serum, and she was both incredibly strong and bulletproof. This made her a force to be reckoned with as she battled the Golden Skull and his minions. Despite a limited time on the page, this Cap resonated strongly with readers.

We just hope we can see her more soon.

3. Sam Wilson


When the super soldier serum was removed from Steve Rogers, he reverted to his normal self and became an old man in the process (it was pretty wacky).

Steve took over SHIELD alongside Sharon Carter, but the Marvel Universe needed a Captain America. That’s where Sam Wilson came in, and while the former shield-wielding Falcon was initially met with a mixed response, he quickly proved he had what it takes to hold that cloak.

With Redwing at his side and those wings still part of his arsenal, Sam led the Avengers, took center stage in a number of big events, and even romanticized the Mighty Thor (Jane Foster).

In The Falcon and the Winter SoldierSam’s MCU counterpart ultimately opted to wield the shield and will now be the focus of the next Captain America 4.

2. Bucky Barnes


It might be a matter of personal preference more than anything, but Bucky Barnes was a great Captain America.

Despite being a wanted criminal during his time as the Winter Soldier, Bucky found he had to pick up where his best friend Steve Rogers left off. , and it didn’t take him long to prove himself.

In Ed Brubaker’s stellar run at Captain America, Bucky has faced all manner of threats. He also became a vital member of the New Avengers, the underground team that worked to protect the world from the shadows alongside Iron Man’s “official” Mighty Avengers. He even gave his life in combat during fear each other!

Luckily, he was brought back from the dead and has mostly been used as a Winter Soldier ever since.

1.Steve Rogers


Blue-eyed, blonde-haired Steve Rogers was deemed unfit for military service, but he wanted to do whatever it took to protect his country from the threat posed by the Nazis.

This eventually led to him taking the Super Soldier Serum and becoming WWII hero Captain America. Plunging into the ice saving the world from Baron Zemo, he spent decades frozen, only to be pulled from the depths by the Avengers. In an America unfamiliar to him, Steve continued to serve not only his country, but the entire world, against all manner of threats.

He’s arguably the best Captain America, and not just because he’s the original.

Despite a nasty blip thanks to secret empireit’s hard to fault Steve Rogers, and even harder to say he’s the best Captain America in Marvel Comics history!

Daniel K. Denny