10 Marvel Comics Characters That Need To Be Featured For Avengers: Secret Wars

Marvel Cinematic Universe booked until Phase Six, with Marvel Studios announcement Avengers: Secret Wars as the endgame for the next two phases. In Marvel history, there have been two different events called secret wars, the original in 1984 by Jim Shooter, Mike Zeck and Bob Layton, which had several sequels, and another in 2015 by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribić. While it’s almost certain that the one that’s adapted is the 2015 version due to its multiversal connections, the studio certainly hasn’t done all the heavy lifting to make it happen yet.

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There are a lot of characters that need to be introduced to make Secret Wars work if they’re going to be inspired by the comics. secret wars, either version, was much more than a cross-multiverse battle, and there are characters that play a huge role in that.

ten They have to feature the MCU-616 version of Reed Richards

Technically, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness introduced Reed Richards, but it was just one Reed Richards. John Krasinski has not been announced as returning as Richards, and even if he is, the MCU-616 version has not been introduced. Richards is an integral part of 2015 secret wars, as a big part of the narrative is his relationship with Doom.

It’s basically impossible to do Secret Wars without Richard. Marvel Studios Probably Won’t Go In A More Cerebral Direction Than 2015’s Secret Wars gone, but having a Secret Wars movie without Reed would be wrong.

9 Old Man Logan has traveled multiple battle worlds in his Secret Wars Connection

Old Man Logan didn’t play a huge role in the main Secret Wars book, but its tie-in miniseries by Brian Michael Bendis and Andrea Sorrentino saw Logan travel across multiple Battleworlds in order to uncover the secrets of the joint universe. The Battleworld concept is just too good for Marvel to pass up in film, and Old Man Logan presents an intriguing way to explore it.

Beyond that, Old Man Logan is one of Wolverine’s most popular incarnations. He’s a great take on the character, and there’s always a chance actor Hugh Jackman could return to play him if the price was right, sending fans into a state of inebriation.

8 Valeria Richards was a big part of Doom’s Court

One of the hardest parts of making Secret Wars work in the MCU features the Richards children. Both Valeria and Franklin are very important to the story in completely different ways. Valeria is also probably the funniest character in the Fantastic Four mythos. Delivered by Doctor Doom and named after his deceased true love, his relationship with Doom led to some unprecedented times.

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Of the two Richards children, Valeria is the least important to the story, but the MCU has introduced many superfluous characters over the years. Valeria’s unique place in FF history makes her more important than many MCU characters, especially for Secret Wars.

seven Galactus plays a minor but cool role in Secret Wars

Galactus is a character fans have wanted to see in the MCU for ages. Calling him a villain isn’t quite correct; Galactus is a force of nature, a cosmic force of balance. There’s no malice in his destruction of worlds, and he serves an important purpose. With the FF en route to the MCU, Galactus must be right behind.

As it concerns Secret Wars goes, Galactus has been in both. In the 1984 story, he helped the villains in their fights against the heroes. In the 2015 story, he was a giant corpse in the Palace of Doom and Franklin Richards was meditating in the palm of his hand. It’s a great visual and the only way moviegoers will see it is if it’s introduced in the MCU.

6 An Invisible Woman stood by Doom as Queen of the Multiverse Remnants

The Fantastic Four comic book was the source of many famous Marvel firsts. The wedding between Reed and Sue Richards was one of them. However, trying to define the Invisible Woman through her relationship with Reed is a huge mistake. Sue Richards is a rich character in her own right, as well as the most powerful member of the FF.

Sue was not part of the original secret wars, but his role in 2015 is interesting. Believed dead at the end of the 616 universe, Doom found an alternate universe Sue and married her, becoming the queen of Battleworld. It’s an important role in the story, and it’s one of the many reasons to introduce Invisible Woman.

5 The role of the Human Torch cannot be replaced

Human Torch is the hothead of the FF. His fire powers make him a formidable hero and he has defeated powerful villains in his time. His relationship with the Thing is a high point of the FF’s adventures, and his role as the team’s younger brother allows for a different perspective on their heroism. He also played an indispensable role in the 2015s Secret Wars.

Human Torch was defeated by Doctor Doom and transformed into the Sun. He’s a great little plot development, and he’s a character that no other character in the MCU could play. For this reason, Human Torch is very important for Secret Wars.

4 Franklin Richards’ powers play a big role in the post-Secret Wars universe

The Fantastic Four have had many brutal battles, but looking after the Richards children could be just as difficult. Franklin was the first and potentially the most powerful being in the universe. Considered a mutant for years, Franklin had divine power, which began to fade after his family returned from their post.Secret Wars stay.

Using Franklin’s powers, the Richards family rebuilt the multiverse. Since the MCU already introduced the universe by destroying the Incursions, Franklin’s existence is crucial to the MCU after secret wars, so he must be in the movie.

3 Molecule Man is Doom’s power source

The FF has faced few beings more powerful than Molecule Man. Owen Reece gained the power to control molecules, an ability that made him a god. He could do anything he wanted with the building blocks of reality, giving him unparalleled control over matter and energy. Reece was the only being able to fight the Beyonder in Secret Wars II and played a big role in 2015 Secret Wars.

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Doom managed to convince Molecule Man to lend him his powers. This power helped Doom become a god and save what was left of the Incursions’ existence. Molecule Man is crucial to the whole story and definitely needs a role in the movie.

2 The Beyonder is a huge part of the Myth of the Secret Wars

The Beyonder is the most important character in the history of the Secret Wars comics. Introduced in the original story, Beyonder was a bodiless presence that trapped heroes and villains on Battleworld. In Secret Wars II, Beyonder took on human form and eventually became an extremely dangerous threat to the heroes. He would make several appearances in the years that followed, but he technically wasn’t in 2015. Secret Wars.

One of Doom’s sources of power came from the Beyonder race. Since he was the original, Beyonder’s introduction is very important to the story. The MCU doesn’t even really need to introduce his race, as Doom has already proven himself capable of stealing his power.

1 Doctor Doom is the key to everything

Doctor Doom is Marvel’s most important villain in many ways. The Lord of Latveria started out as an FF villain, but has since become the enemy of all heroes. He’s also a complex character and is widely regarded as one of comics’ greatest villains. Doom is an arrogant genius in powerful armor with incredible magic skills; basically it’s the total nasty package.

There’s no way to make any kind of Secret Wars movie without Doctor Doom. He played a huge role in the original story and its direct sequel, and is essentially the co-main character of the 2015 Secret Wars. Even if it wasn’t, Doom must already be in the MCU, because chances are it’s finally finished on the big screen.

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