10 rarest comics you might find in your closet

It is a widely held misconception that valuable comics are simply no longer in print, and the only valuable comics come from the golden and silver age of comics, that it is nearly impossible. to find in the house. However, there are many comics from the past 30 years that are considered valuable and rare. It is very likely that modern comics will never sell for the astronomical prices that some old comics sell.

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The copy of Action comics # 1, which features Superman’s debut, sold for over $ 3 million in 2014. Although valuable comics that have appeared over the past 30 years are known to reach over $ 30,000. Again, the chances of encountering something like Superman’s first appearance are extremely unlikely, however, there are still many valuable books that fans could find in their homes. If they’re lucky, of course.

ten Collectible Classics Marvel: Spider-Man 2 (1998)

Spider Man

These types of collectible books are extremely common in the comic book world. The editor takes up an emblematic scenario, like that of Todd Mcfarlane Spider Man # 1, and resells it under a special title with far fewer copies to sell than the first printing of the original book. Fans might think that a book like this, something specially made to collect, wouldn’t be too valuable. Corn, Spider-Man # 1 sold for over $ 2,250. While a collector might not get much out of it, he can probably expect to get at least $ 250 for it.

9 The Living Dead 100

The Walking Dead 100 Cover

Through its 10-year airing as a popular drama series on AMC, The walking dead has grown into one of the most recognizable zombie franchises in the world. Due to the combined success of the TV show and the original sixteen-year-old comic, there are many iconic issues of the comic book series that sell for a pretty decent price. One of these problems is The Living Dead # 100, which features the first appearance of the now famous villain, Negan.

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This book sold for over $ 3,000. However, it also sold for as little as $ 1. So, like most modern comics, condition is paramount when it comes to the value of this book.

8 Captain Marvel Vol 7 # 14

Captain Marvel 14

Kamala Khan is one of the most popular new characters Marvel has had in the past 20 years. While her myth might not be as diverse as someone like Captain Marvel, Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, was an instant hit as she filled a long-lasting gap in the Marvel world. So, naturally, his first appearance should definitely be among the most valuable comics to come out in recent years.

Kamala Khan’s first appearance, which came in the form of a brief appearance, is in Captain Marvel Vol 7 # 14, a book that has sold for up to $ 3,000 in recent years. Although a copy doesn’t make much, this book is known to have a minimum value of $ 150.

seven Edge Of Spider-Verse # 2 Variant Edition

Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman

Thanks to the success of Sony Pictures Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, Spider-Gwen has become one of the most popular comic book characters. Due to this popularity, a special cover variant of his first comedic appearance, by Greg Land in Spider-Verse Edge # 2, has become a much sought after book by many comic book collectors.

The book has sold for up to $ 6,000 in the past, but there is a lot of speculation that the high values ​​will go away as the popularity of the Spider-Verse movies begins to wane. Even though, with the recent announcement of a Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse movie sequel, it’s safe to say the hype isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

6 Wolverine 1 Deadpool Variant

Deadpool Wolverine 1 blanket

Dating back to his first appearance in 1991, Deadpool has made the cover of many comic book titles, even ones he doesn’t appear in at all. This trend started in the mid-90s as various Marvel authors and artists wanted to capitalize on its incredible popularity at the time. In 2010, for the first issue of Wolverine, comic book designer J. Scott Campbell created a variant cover for the issue featuring Wolverine wearing the iconic Deadpool costume.

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Thanks to the classic Deadpool trend performed on a rare variant cover, and being the first issue of the latest edition of a popular title, this book has sold for up to $ 6,500 in excellent condition in the past. With a minimum sale value of $ 100, this Deadpool blanket is certainly worth a quick look.

5 The Amazing Spider-Man 678 Mary Jane Venom Variant

Mary Jane Venom Blanket

The Venomous Variant covers are a classic concept in the Spider-Man comic book world. Taking a popular Spider-Man character, wrapping him in a symbiote costume, and putting him on a special, limited-edition blanket is a great way to sell books. But, no cover has ever done it as well as The Amazing Spider-Man 678 Cover of the Mary Jane Venom variant by acclaimed comic book artist, Joe Quinones. Thanks to the awesome concept of a venomous Mary Jane and being drawn by a well-known comic book artist, this book has sold for up to $ 6,800 in recent years. However, having sold for as little as $ 50 in the past, fans should be hoping that the copy in their home is in great condition.

4 Appearance 1

Spawn 1 Blanket

Many credit Todd Mcfarlane’s creation of Image Comics and its debut title, Spawn, for ushering in the modern era of comics. After its release in May 1992, Spawn 1 has sold over 1.7 million copies, making it by far the best-selling independent comic book to date.

Due to Appearance 1 ‘s obvious importance as a major timestamp in comic book history and being the first issue of one of the most popular characters in the comic book world, this book sold for up to $ 5,100 in the past. Only six mint condition copies are believed to exist, however, due to its large mintage, decent quality copies have sold for as little as $ 20.

3 Spawn 185 sketch variant

Spawn 185 sketch variant

When it comes to rare modern comics, the Spawn # 185 Sketch variant, by Whilce Portacio and Todd Mcfarlane, is near the top of the list. Due to its recall shortly after the shipment of a few thousand, this special blanket variant was barely in circulation and very little Spawn fans had the opportunity to buy it. To date, only 23 copies of this book are known.

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While premium copies of this book may not be as valuable as the first appearance of its namesake, this book is much harder to find and fans should consider themselves lucky if they take a look at a copy. .

2 The Living Dead 1

undead 1 blanket

Due to the incredible success of The walking dead, it can be assumed that the first issue of the comic book series would be among the most valuable rare comics in the world. In 2018, a high-quality copy of this book sold for $ 20,000. But, like many comics whose value is based on the franchise hype, there is a lot of speculation that prices will start to drop significantly once. The walking dead The TV show ends its final season in 2022.

1 Amazing Spider-Man # 667 Dell’Otto Variant

Spider-Man 667 Dell'Otto Variant

The Gabrielle Del’Otto variant blanket from Amazing Spider-Man # 667 has become the king of rare and valuable modern comics. It’s easy to see how this book is the perfect storm for a valuable comic book. Amazing Spider-Man # 667 was written by Dan Slott, featuring the start of a now famous Spider-Man story. Amazing Spider-Man # 667 also presents a special variant of cover of which only 100 were made, by the famous Italian comic artist: Gabrielle Dell’Otto.

Thanks to all these elements, this book sold for an incredible price of $ 33,600. With the cheapest aftermarket sale hitting $ 2,500, this book is definitely worth a peek in the closet.

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