451 Comic-Con Success | Wither and Gloucestershire Standard

The first 451 Cotswold Comic-Con certainly turned out to be a smash hit, as vendors and visitors alike are already clamoring for the next one.

Vendors were diverse and everything you could want was comic-related, ranging from collectible comics to early Spider-Man appearances, which surprised some of the visitors who Googled the rare comic in the UK. finding valued at £34,000-£40,000 some of the enthusiasts they had never been to a convention with such an array of comics on sale.

But it wasn’t just the enthusiasts who had a great day as cosplayers and families arrived to take part in the cosplay parade, which was judged by Deputy Mayor Cillr Ann Pearce and members of the Saxon Lions Club and Alan Greenway, Ann who wasn’t very well, due to her disability, soaring made a determined effort to get to the event where she sat at the table as cosplayers passed by and her were talking to as well as the other judges, the pure fun came regardless of the age of the cosplayer. young woman had traveled from Wolverhampton to participate.

Many people who had traveled enjoyed visiting Tetbury and also took the time to explore the city.

A local youth arrived two hours earlier to spot the star of the day the Dalek who took the day off from exterminating people for fun with all ages.

Paul Cornell, the local author, also met with fans and other professionals. Cllr Ann Pearce said I was so happy to have been able to come and meet so many enthusiastic people in their costumes and all the children who also participated.

A tough judging session was supported by Saxon and Alan Greenway. Kudos to Kevin for his commitment to organizing this Saxon Greenway Added event.

It was a really nice event, the costumes were amazing and the kids were all so sweet. After the event, Richard Warrington, President of TRLRT, told Kevin, “All of the directors who attended your 451 Comic.con event agreed that it was really interesting and a great success.

“I will let our events team know that the Goods Shed would be very happy to host an annual event if you wish to establish a regular Comic.con. A very successful day.”

Kevin said it always felt like a field of dreams, because what’s amazing is that the whole event was held at zero cost with free booths. For vendor prices offered by local businesses, the only financial cost was insurance.

Even the venue was free. I will thank all the businesses and individuals who have supported this initiative in next week’s newspaper. Thank you all and 451 Comic-Con will be back!

Daniel K. Denny