A COMIC’S VIEW: Weed vs. War and Gas Price Madness

WITH gas prices as high as Miami’s, okay, maybe a pogo stick is the way to go to work for a while…


THIS week has seen the US cannabis industry join the war effort in Ukraine.

All the while, gasoline prices have soared locally, tickling $6.00 a gallon.

Let’s take a closer look before gas prices jump again!


As war rages in Ukraine, US-based cannabis companies are doing their part to help those caught in the ravages of conflict.

In California, the Medi-Thrive Dispensary in San Francisco is raising money to donate to Sunflower of Peace, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit that works to support the Ukrainian people amid the Russian invasion.

Medi-Thrive CEO Misha Breyburg is a Ukrainian Jewish refugee who immigrated from Odessa, Ukraine, to the United States as a child in the 1970s.

“It hits especially close to home, especially for Jewish Ukrainians, I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do something.”

Breyburgh spoke to the Jewish News of Northern California.

To show his support for the Ukrainian people, Breyburg had the Mission District clinic’s storefront painted blue and yellow, the colors of the Ukrainian national flag. The company also donated proceeds from all cannabis sales made on March 6 to Sunflower of Peace, whose fundraising efforts provide medical and humanitarian aid to those affected by war in Ukraine.

“While many charitable efforts focus on providing food and military aid to Ukraine, medical professionals responding to the crisis in Ukraine are struggling to care for the wounded and sick they need. more medical and survival supplies.”

MediThrive will also donate 10% of cannabis sales through March 13 to the Sunflower of Peace.

On Monday, Breyburg said readership had already grown “into the high five digits.”

Imagine if we cultivated (pun intended) a thriving cannabis industry, both medicinal and recreational, that was so profitable and well managed, that we as a nation could benefit from industry taxes on many levels.

Including by injecting directly into the National Disaster Relief Fund. Eliminate the gray area around donors and NGOs. Finally, as a nation, we would know exactly where funding is coming from and its intended use in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.


Right off the bat, as citizens, we have to deal with gas prices.

There is nothing to do !

According to Sir Franklyn Wilson, chairman of FOCOL Holdings, who told Tribune Business in a recent interview, there was almost nothing

The Bahamas can do to offset forces beyond its control as global oil prices, as measured by the Brent Crude Index, at one point hit $139 a barrel.

Sir Franklyn has no reason to lie about the current world situation and its ramifications. It’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about the oil industry.

So, ironically, any statement by the current administration, regarding controlling gas prices so as not to affect consumers, etc., is pure “gaslighting” policy.

Thanks for the clarification, Sir Franklyn.

Going forward, I strongly suggest that gasoline prices locally flirt with $6.00 per gallon and gasoline prices skyrocket globally, including $5.89 per gallon in the nearby Biscayne Bay in Miami, in which Bahamians invest, roller skates, skateboards, scooters, bicycles, unicycles and logo sticks.

Yes “pogo sticks”, I have always considered myself a pioneer and an entrepreneur, so feel free to email me at – naughty@tribunemedia.net for more information on pogo sticks and the gas efficiency. I have three top models in stock.

Until next week with gas prices soaring, may I suggest those of us with two vehicles use one. For those who only have a vehicle, take the Jitney of your choice and for those who take the Jitney, please start walking.

Daniel K. Denny