A New Comic Book Shop for New York, Everyone Comics in Long Island City


New Yorker! If you got off at the Queensboro Plaza stop on the 7, N, W trains or Queens Plaza on the E, M, R trains, you may have seen a new store being built in the neighborhood. And it’s a comic book store – and more. Owners Alex Rae and Dimitrios Fragiskatos promise that Everyone Comics & Books will focus on superhero comics, young adult novels, children’s books and independent graphic novels. And it came out of the existing Anybody Comics store in Brooklyn.

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The two owners have been in the comics business for over 15 years, after meeting at one of New York’s biggest comic book retailers and staple, Midtown Comics, Dimitrios was promoted to Director of the Grand Location. Central in Midtown before leaving to set up his own store, Anyone Comics in Brooklyn. After being similarly promoted to Back Issue Buyer and having such high-profile experiences as appearing in National Geographic’s Comic Book Heroes, Alex went on to work for Wizard World Comic Cons managing their Artist Alley. , tracking sales for Valiant Entertainment and helping start Ace. Comic-Con. He is currently working with ReedPop as a comedy talent coordinator.

New comic book store, Everyone Comics & Books, opens in Long Island, NY
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“My experience operating Anyone Comics for 5 years in Crown Heights, Brooklyn during a pandemic has been transformative,” said Fragiskatos. “Against all odds, for a small company, we not only survived, but we performed better in 2021 than in previous years. Anyone Comics was a place to get new graphic novels, but it was also a place to share your own stories. We hope to recreate that experience for the people of Queens. People’s need for escape in this climate has made a bookstore like ours feel essential. “Long Island City is the perfect place to establish new store roots. There is a strong community here and we are ready to serve this community with comics and books! Opening this store with my longtime friend is a dream. We both believe the Queens community could use a greater influx of comics. After all, that’s where Spider-Man is from!” Rae said.

New comic book store, Everyone Comics & Books, opens in Long Island, NY
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Everyone Comics & Books is set to open March 12 at 41-26 27th Street in Long Island City, Queens. For more information, please contact info@everyonecomics.com or call 845-584-3548.

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