An English village gets its own comic book shop on Tuesday


Hellesdon is a village and suburb of Norwich in the Broadland district of Norfolk, England, with a population of just 11,000. With settlements found dating back to 2000 BC. AD, the name Hellesdon originally comes from Hægelisdun, which was called a thousand years ago, meaning “the hill of a man named Hægel”. The spelling had been changed to Hailesduna in 1086 and it was one of several 15th century mansions belonging to Sir John Fastolfthe base of william shakespearethe crossover character of Falstaff, and as with other of his properties, his death in 1459 led to something akin to a private war between the Paston family and John of the Pole, 2nd Duke of Suffolk for his possession. And now it’s time for another fight because he’s about to get his own comic book shop.

Dixon Shopping Centre, Hellesdon from Google Streetview

Oliver Harvey is to open Canary Comics & Collectables next week in Hellesdon, in the Dixons Shopping Centre, from Tuesday March 1. He used to run a pop-up stand in nearby Norwich selling comics, but now needs space and a permanent location. He also intends to use it as a base to sell online as well. The market stall closed on February 19 for the last time…but not before it was nearly swept away by hurricanes last week.

An English village gets its own comic book shop on Tuesday
Canary Comics & Collectibles Comic Shop, Facebook PR

He is currently preparing the opening of the comic book store Canary Comics & Collectables. I hope Alan Partridge will pass.

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