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I know this is an eBay item, but we’re thrilled to team up with Whatnot for an exclusive new release of Edge Of Spider-Verse #3 by Inhyuk Lee! This exclusivity will be limited to 750 for trade and 500 for virgin. 9:00 PM EST today (09/20) is the fall!

Link for the show:

We’ll also be giving away a free copy of Amazing Spider-Man #361!


Action comics #1 Facsimile

We sold 191 copies.

Why is it hot?

Reprints Superman’s 1st appearance.


These are always good long-term holds, but I wouldn’t go overboard as it takes a while for the book to go up in value.

Batman Superman World’s Finest #7

We sold 51 copies of Cover A.

Why is it hot?

First appearance and origin of Boy Thunder.


I avoid Superman specs like the plague.

Catwoman #47 Sozomaika

We sold 25 copies.

Why is it hot?

Catwoman + Sozomaika = Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.


I like this book as a long-term take. People will collect this artist that I have felt for a long time. Early works by a great artist, well worth keeping.

DC Vs. Vampires All-Out War #3 Cover B

We have sold 33 copies of this book.

Why is it hot?

Leirix Li is one of the hottest artists right now, all of her variants are selling well for us. This is also apparently Baron Cinder’s 1st full appearance.


Again, early covers can work well in the long run, not many great Starfire covers either. Buy and keep for the long term.

DCeased War Of The Undead Gods #2 1:50 Variant Sun Khamunaki

We sold two copies for $99.99

Why is it hot?

Absolutely stunning cover art. Sun’s work appears everywhere. Has an art germ feel to me.


Not many copies listed, lowest prices being around $50. I would buy at $25 or less.

Harley Quinn #1 30th Anniversary Special

We sold 115 copies of the Artgerm variant, 31 copies of the J Scott Campbell, 52 copies of the Hughes. We also sold a lot of the other variants, but notably 5 copies of the 1:50 for $89.99 and the 1:100 for $225.00.

Why is it hot?

Bring together the best artists in the game mixed with Harley Quinn and you have a winner. The best variant of the bunch is the Artgerm variant in my opinion.


Hot Harley covers tend to work well in the short and long term. I would buy the Artgerm 1:50 for $30 or less and take the 1:100 for $75 or less. Quick flip or hold, it’s your call.

Titans United Bloodpact #1

We sold 39 copies of the Derrick Chew cover and 18 copies of the Molina cover.

Why is it hot?

Ravan’s fantastic art is all I have to say about the Chew variant. The Molina variant has been very controversial. When it was first requested, it featured Green Lantern holding, I believe, an Enchilada bag. Reducing Mexican culture to their food was inappropriate, and DC changed it to Green Lantern holding a lantern. It is also a tribute to La Patria.


I like the Molina variant as a good buy and hold. Controversy sells, plus the homage to La Patria, it will be sought after.

G.I. Joe #298

We sold 30 copies of Cover B and 7 copies of the Royle 1:10 variant for $24.99.

Why is it hot?

On the heels of the other Royle variant of #297. This one doesn’t sell as well but still sells for a double ratio with few copies listed.


If you find the 1:10 for $5 or less, I’ll take it.

Usagi Yojimbo #31 1:25

We sold 6 copies of the 1:25 for $54.99.

Why is it hot?

Don’t see 1:25s for Usagi often, the draw on these books tends to be low and the ratios tend to skyrocket.


You buy $25 or less, there are very few copies left on the bay.

Spooky show #1

We sold 60 copies.

Why is it hot?

Spooky season is almost here, yes!


Buy it to read!

Disappearance #1

We sold 53 copies of Cover A.

Why is it hot?

New Cates comic.


Wouldn’t be shocked if it becomes optional. Buy and keep Cover A.

Edge of the Spider-Verse #4

We sold 130 copies of Cover A, 14 copies of 1:10.

Why is it hot?

Another week, another new Spider-Verse character. 1st appearance of Spintress and 1st breeding of Sun-Spider.


You never know which of them will hit. Buying and keeping 2-3 copies of Cover A and the 1:10 isn’t the worst idea.

Star Wars The Mandalorian #3 1:50 Stegman

We sold 1 copy for $124.99.

Why is it hot?

High ratio Star Wars book.


This is selling for around $75.00 right now. If you can find it for $30.00 or less, that’s a nice catch.

Darth Vader #27 Sprouse Variant

We sold 53 copies.

Why is it hot?

New design for Dark Bane.


Star Wars keys work well in the long run, even minor ones, buy and keep!

X-Terminators #1 Arthur Adams Variant

We sold 61 copies.

Why is it hot?

I haven’t seen a solo X-23 cover in a while. Here we hope she comes to the MCU.


Buy and keep!

Until next week!

Ali (AnZ Comics)


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