B and D Comic Shop is taking advantage of what the new location has to offer

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) – For 30 years, B and D Comic Shop has called the log cabin on Elm Avenue home. But due to the Wasena Bridge Replacement Project, owner Terry Baucom had known for years that he would have to move.

“I saw a bunch of places, some of them were awful and expensive. We came to this one and it was a hair salon and all the hair salon equipment was still there, and the realtor and I sat in the chair and he said fine go home and think about it and I said no, I do,” Baucom said.

In late March, B and D Comic Shop moved to 2937 Brambleton Avenue. Baucom said she felt right at home since buying it. More than four months later, the space has opened up even more opportunities for the boutique.

“We have more goods than we had in the other place and I sell things here that I couldn’t sell in the other place. It’s partly because it’s on display, but also because we have more space for me to display different types of things.

While they were on Elm Avenue, B and D Comic Shop was the only business in that specific area. Being on Brambleton, surrounded by other businesses, was also a boost for the store.

“It’s also such a busy road that you can stop on your way home or on your way to work and it’s not out of the way. I didn’t think the other place was out of the way and we’re only five minutes away now, but a lot of people said oh great you’re closer to me now, I like it a lot better.

Although the location has changed, what hasn’t changed are long-time customers and new customers coming through the doors.

“It’s just awesome the response I got. Almost everyone loves this store, a lot of them had a lot of nostalgia for the cabin and I always will.

B and D Comic Shop looks forward to continuing its long tradition of serving the Roanoke Valley.

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Daniel K. Denny