Battlegrounds is teaming up for three new comic series

WEBTOON and PUBG: Battlegrounds are teaming up to release three new comics based on KRAFTON’s popular Battle Royale franchise.

WEBTOON, the world’s largest digital comics platform, partners with KRAFTON’s acclaimed battle-royale video game, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDSto deliver three new comic book series spanning all genres.

According to WEBTOON, the new comics, titled Retirees, night of silence and 100will be available to English readers exclusively on WEBTOON on January 29. These stories will take place in a dystopia PUBG Universe.

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“As the universe of PUBG grows, we want to ensure that we provide a continuous flow of stories that create a complete entertainment experience that is not limited to our games alone,” PUBG said Vice President and Head of Universe Zion Lee. “Whether we’re working on video, written or illustrated content, we’re always looking for the best in their respective industries, so WEBTOON was a natural fit to partner with. Together, we look forward to expanding our universe with new stories to tell and reach. a new audience through WEBTOON’s global platform.”

“With our massive audience and passionate global fandoms, WEBTOON is the perfect home to grow the PUBG Universe,” added David Lee, WEBTOON USA Content Manager. “WEBTOON fans around the world love the variety of comics and innovative genres found on our platform, which is why so many brands incredible entertainment companies are working with WEBTOON to reach a new generation of comics. lovers. We are delighted to work with PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS and KRAFTON to extend the PUBG Universe in a new digital comic book format.”

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Retirees takes place in the distant future where people live in a utopian society known as the Retreats, where prosperity exists at the expense of the disenfranchised lower class living in the slums of Brine. To escape a life of servitude, citizens of Brine are given the opportunity to fight on the battlefields for a chance to become a citizen of the retreats. This chance for upward mobility seems impossible, especially for John Canty, a citizen of Brine who has lost loved ones in the battlefields. Things change, however, when he meets a boy in the retreats named Edward, who bears a striking resemblance to his son Gable.

night of silence follows Leah, who returns to her hometown to discover her father’s corpse. Although this is considered a suicide by authorities, evidence suggests otherwise.

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Finally, 100 follows Hoyoung Cheon, who must survive a 100-player battle royale game called Battlegrounds. Equipped with a frying pan and a gun, Hoyoung must search for an Assemblyman who was captured while reviewing the game and is now an unwitting participant.

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS is a popular battle royale video game that places players in a large-scale battlefield, forcing them to survive under high stakes and be the last one standing. The new comics are a mix of thrill, horror, and action to mirror the gaming experience.

pensions, night of silence and 100 will be available January 29 on WEBTOON in the United States, with the first three issues available for free on the platform.

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