Beeline Creative San Diego Comic-Con 2022 Exclusives and Debut [UPDATE July 9]

Beeline Creative San Diego Comic-Con 2022 Exclusives and Debut [UPDATE July 9]

Beeline Creative combines a lot of things we love – star wars, tiki and all things geeky. This year, you can catch them at Lucas Pavilion Booth #2913 where they’re sure to have plenty of exclusives and merchandise celebrating all three.

[UPDATE July 9]

The very helpful folks at Beeline Creative have posted this handy little map (not to scale, of course) of where we can find all of their San Diego Comic-Con exclusives and pre-sales. There are three locations and you will find different things at each, Geeki Tikis in the Lucasfilm Pavilion at #2913, Toynk at #3749, and Entertainment Earth at #2343.

Here is a list of what they offer, where and their prices. Happy Geeki Tiki hunting!

Beeline Creative / Geeki Tikis® (Booth #2913-N)
Millennium Falcon Punch Bowl Set Pre-Order – Estimated Ship Date Sep ’22 – $135 + $15 Shipping
Sandcrawler Punch Bowl Set Pre-Order SDCC Debut / Estimated Ship Date OCT ’22 – $85 + $15 Shipping
Stacked Stormtrooper with Metal Swizzle Staff & Con Exclusive / SDCC Debut – $80
Dewback SDCC Debut Punch Bowl Set – $85
TIE Fighter – Early SDCC – $85 – Special Exhibition Prize
Arcade Cabinet – & Con Exclusive – $40
Mos Eisley Cantina Mini Muglets Series 1 – & Con Exclusive – $40
Assorted star wars Aloha Shirts – and Con Exclusives – $80 to $125
Assorted star wars Swizzle Sticks – & Con Exclusives – $20 – $25

*PLEASE NOTE: Pre-orders are for the US only.

TOYNK / GEEKI TIKIS (Booth #3749)
Power Rangers TOYNK Green Ranger Exclusive / SDCC Start – $30
beetle juice Sand Worm SDCC Debut – $35
beetle juice Mini Muglets 4-Pack TOYNK Exclusive / Early SDCC – $60
Horror Mini Muglets 4-Pack TOYNK Exclusive / Early SDCC – $60

beetle juice Adam Maitland SDCC Debut – $28
beetle juice Barbara Maitland SDCC debut – 28

We also take a closer look at the Star Wars Arcade Cabinet tiki, Millennium Falcon Punch Bowl, and Mini Muglets.

[UPDATE June 27]

Something bad this way comes. Beeline Creative will be bringing a new set of horror-themed Geeki Tikis Mini Muglets to SDCC, which includes Regan from The ExorcistPennywise from THISJason Voorhees from Friday 13and Freddy Krueger from freddie. You can pick up the set for $60.

[UPDATE June 25]

In addition to their Beetlejuice Geeki Tikis collectible set with mini muglets, Beeline Creative will also have a beetle juice Geeki Tikis Sandworm Mug. It appears to be a full-size mug, and it will debut the con for $35.

Tiki Beeline

[UPDATE June 23]

These Jawas have really recovered something exciting. Beeline Creative will have a Sandcrawler Punch Bowl Set available for pre-order at Geeki Tikis booth #2913-N for $85 plus $15 shipping.

The Mega Mug will hold a 64 oz. galactic drink of your choice, and also includes a removable mini Jawa mug. It will ship later this fall, but you can order it from SDCC first.

[UPDATE June 22]

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! It’s showtime for Beeline Creative with a new Beetlejuice Geeki Tikis Collector Set heading to San Diego Comic-Con, which features ceramic “muglets” for some of your favorite characters from the movie, including Beetlejuice, Adam and Barbara Maitland in their transformed state, and the Sandworm. It’s all wrapped in a fun “Handbook for the Recently Deceased” outer wrapper, resembling the book from the movie. You can pick it up for $60.

[UPDATE June 17]

These Stormtrooper Tiki mugs, which appear to come with a stick featuring a Stormtrooper, from Beeline Creative will debut at San Diego Comic-Con for $80, including the metal stick.

[UPDATE May 30]

If your trip to a galaxy far, far away at Star Wars Celebration didn’t include collecting star wars exclusive themed Geeki Tikis, so fear not.

Beeline Creative has announced that at least two of its Star Wars Celebration exclusives will return to San Diego Comic-Con this summer and can be found at Lucas Pavilion Booth #2913. And, unlike Celebration, at SDCC it won’t be not just pre-orders – they will be done in person.

The first is the Geeki Tikis Dewback Punch Bowl Set, which features a Stormtrooper riding a Dewback. The set is $85.

Then, take a spin in Geeki Tikis The TIE Fighter Mug, also available for $85. Galactic drinks are not included.

Daniel K. Denny