Ben Affleck and JLo buy $50 million mansion

Ben Affleck and JLo seem happier than ever after getting back together. Recent rumors indicate that the couple bought a mansion that cost $50 million. The purchase is an important milestone for the couple and may mean that they will get married and start a family this time. Recall that this is the second time that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have a romantic relationship. They had a relationship between 2002 and 2004, which ended quite early. They broke off their engagement before the wedding. JLo didn’t comment on the subject of a marriage to Affleck, but did point out that the circumstances now are different than they were then.

part of what JLo said about her relationship with Ben Affleck was, “We’ve both grown up. We are the same and we are different. And that’s what’s nice. Yeah… Getting a second chance at real love… Yeah. As I said, we learned a lot. We know what’s real and what’s not. So it’s just that the game has changed. She added that they might not have gotten back together if they didn’t have the “experience and wisdom” they had acquired over time. The actress/singer says she and “Batfleck” are now protecting their privacy. They decide what to share and what not to share with the public to preserve and balance their privacy.

Ben Affleck and JLo buy a mansion

The two stars joined forces to buy a $50 million mansion in Beverly Hills to reaffirm their relationship. It’s a 20,000 square foot luxury mansion fit for Bruce Wayne. There would be ten bedrooms, seventeen bathrooms, a swimming pool, a gym and numerous kitchens in this house. The property is hidden in a forest to protect their privacy and give peace to their family.

Image via Warner Bros.

We’re curious if this mansion will house the two kids Jennifer Lopez has with singer Marc Antony and the three kids Affleck has with his former girlfriend Jennifer Garner. Will they use this huge property to live like a big blended family? Will the two families unite to live happily ever after? We hope. The exact address of the mansion is unknown and the couple intend to remain so. So far, there is no comment on whether this implies an impending marriage between the two or is part of the process to determine if they are compatible.

Future plans for the celebrity couple

So far, Ben Affleck and JLo aren’t willing to say too much about their plans for the future. At first glance, it looks like they want to live together and share with each other’s families to create a strong unity. However, the marriage between the two has not been discussed and there have been no comments about it. In fact, JLo declined to comment on the matter in an interview. She said this time she’s ready to start a family with Affleck, and he’s ready to start a family with her. She said they were very young and immature in their previous relationship and both had situations in their respective careers that caused the relationship to break down.

JLo and Ben Affleck take a big step in their relationship by buying this mansion together. Separately, Jennifer Lopez recently released a music video for her song, “Marry Me Ballad,” which features a cameo from Ben Affleck. Could this be a subtle way of telling us that they are ready to get married this time? Only time will tell !

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