Best comedy movie deals and price drops

In front of Amazon Black Friday Deals event on November 24 and 25, the online retailer is dropping prices on the most popular superhero movies from the Marvel and DC Universes. Last year’s blockbuster Spider-Man: No Coming Home and this year with Dwayne Johnson black adam are among the discounted titles, allowing you to save on discs on your wishlist or complete your collections without paying full price during black friday 2022. Most of the movies listed below are on sale for less than $20 – like the recent Marvel Studios Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness — or offered at a very low price, including 2022 superhero movies Morbius and Thor: Love and Thunder.

DC Movie Deals

DC offers include Wonder Woman 1984available in 4K ($9.99), Blu-ray ($6), and DVD ($4), and Zack Snyder’s Justice League, on sale for $6 on Blu-ray and DVD. Animated movies Superman: the man of tomorrow and Batman: Dragon’s Soul 4K are in the $17 range, with the top price as low as $7.61 for the Blu-ray version.

black adamWhich one is in pre-order on Amazon, will be available in 4K ($29.96), Blu-ray ($24.96), and DVD ($19.96).

Marvel Movie Deals

Many films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe are on sale for less than $17. Selling titles include Captain America: The First Avenger 4K ($16.85), Black Widow 4K ($12.99), The Incredible Hulk 4K ($13.79), Captain Marvel 4K ($14.84), Thor 4K ($14.99), strange doctor 4K ($14.99) and Spider-Man: No Coming Home 4K ($15.00).

The 2022 Marvel Studios movies available at discounted prices are Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 4K ($16.99), a 58% drop, and Thor: Love and Thunder 4K ($22.99), a 43% drop. The strange doctor the sequel is also available on Blu-ray ($10) and DVD ($12.99), with Thor 4 yours to own on Blu-ray ($17.99) and DVD ($12.99).

From outside the MCU, the Fox-verse titles Logan 4K, dead Pool 4K, and Deadpool 2 4K are all on sale for $13.99, and x-men spin off The New Mutants 4K dropped 58% ($16.99). Also available at discounted prices are Sony Spider Man spin off Morbiusavailable on 4K ($12), Blu-ray ($10), and DVD ($9.98), and Venom: let there be carnageavailable in 4K ($16.99), Blu-ray ($10.99), and DVD ($9.99).

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Daniel K. Denny