British comics react to the collapse of the pound


After the UK government’s recent surprise budget of Liz TrussIn the new Conservative government that cut taxes and increased spending, Britain’s currency, the pound sterling, fell off a cliff, falling to its lowest point against the dollar since before decimalisation. It has since recovered somewhat, in anticipation of the imminent announcement by the Bank of England which should raise interest rates a little to a) support the currency and b) lower inflation. So, after falling to a low of $1.03 per dollar, it is now back up to $1.11. So how are the UK comic people reacting to it? Many of them are paid in dollars… and yes, you are going to have to endure one of my cartoons first.

Cartoon by Rich Johnston

And the Americans who come to MCM London, Thought Bubble or The Lakes? Get ready to spend, spend, spend!

Tony Lee: I remember going to SDCC one year and the dollar was 1.83 a pound. It was a good time to buy things. Now we are around 1.10. Still, Sunny Uplands and all that, right?

Andrew Knighton: As a UK freelancer with mostly US clients, I experience this every time the pound sinks – an exciting moment as my dollar payments become more pounds, then the recognition that it’s worth less.

Mike Collins: Any contrition or glimmer of understanding over breakfast shows yesterday and we would have had a slight rebound on the pound. But no. Matches in hand, he said there was no fire he started. The markets had none.

Martin Rigide: We’re at the point where the pound is so worthless that we might as well burn £10 notes to keep warm in the winter.

Alex Paknadel: Back to the barter system before the end of the week at this rate guys.

David Hendrick: How many widgets can this carnation get me?

Alex Paknadel: A monthly subscription to Netflix is ​​now eighteen gerbils and a jerk off in the Spar parking lot.

Duncan Jones: If I was in Northern Ireland right now, and I saw what’s happening to the pound sterling, and I could throw a stone and watch it land in a eurozone that’s getting more and more expensive to import, I would have thoughts… King Charles right now- “New currency. Who is it?”

Rob Williams: The British paid in dollars at the moment are well placed, yeah.

Jonathan Christopher Matthewson: I’m old enough to remember when it was 2 dollars for 1 pound

John Freeman: Thank you to our new lords.

If Spurrier: May I propose that we liberate the enjoyable word ‘quidditch’ from being a silly sport in terrifying fiction, and instead use it for the abyssal trough the pound sterling falls into when it’s hit by Trussonomics ?

Roger Langridge: And the words “tax event” should be followed by “I’ll give him five minutes”.

So how much will the comics cost now? While now might be the best time for American publishers to poach creators like 2000AD and Titan Comics…

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