Classic Comic Thor Lays the Hammer with Medicom MAFEX


Medicom has unveiled its latest MAFEX figures as they delve deeper into the past with Marvel Comics. Coming from the debut of Thor, the God of Thunder is back in his classic comic book costume. Thor is packed with incredible detail and will include a fabric cape, interchangeable parts and the perfect set of additional accessories. For interchangeable parts, this Avenger will feature two head sculpts with standard and angry expressions as well as a variety of interchangeable hands. Thor Odinson will also come with Mjolnir and even a spinning Mjolnir to capture the mystic in action.

It’s a number fans wanted, and Medicom really captured Thor early on. The fabric cape really enhances this silhouette, and his sculpt is all around fantastic. The Marvel Comics MAFEX No.182 Classic Thor (Comic Version) will be priced at $104.99, and he’s slated for release in April 2023. Pre-orders for him are already live and the thunder can be found here and here.

“The classic comic version of Thor can now join your MAFEX action figure collection! This god of thunder comes with two different heads for different styles of expression, plus multiple parts for his hammer, Mjolnir, to display him in a ton of different action.Thor’s cape is made of real fabric for a little extra realism, and of course, he’s packaged with an articulated stand to help you display him in the perfect way you want. Add it to your collection by ordering today!”


  • 6.30 inches (16cm)
  • Made of plastic and fabric
  • Based on The Mighty Thor comic book series
  • Very detailed
  • fully articulated
  • Cloak Cloak
  • Thor figurine
  • Two sculpted heads
  • Interchangeable left hands
  • Two Mjolnir holding hands
  • Mjolnir
  • Spinning Mjolnir
  • Support
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Daniel K. Denny