Collectors’ corner: new pre-orders May 22, 2022

This week’s new collectibles feature Mezco’s Spider-Man One-12 action figure, brand new Marvel Legends and Marvel Gallery Statues and the second bust in the new Gargoyles double.

The first one Gargoyles the bust that was put up for pre-order a few weeks ago was Goliath. This week’s new entry is even more exciting as it features an antagonist Xanatos (voiced by Jonathan Frakes in the cartoon) in his Gargoyles armor. Much of the Gargoyles merchandise available usually includes Goliath or the other Gargoyles. This is exciting for fans of the cartoon series which only lasted 3 seasons in the 90s. These busts will go well with the Neca Gargoyles figures that started to come out with Goliath and Thailog now available and pre-orders for Hudson, Demona, Bronxand brooklyn until now. the Gargoyles busts are available to order at the Big Bad Toy Store for $109.99.

If your interests are in cosmic superheroes, marvel legends adds Quasar and fire lord to their line. These go for $24.99-$25.99.

I loved the Marvel Gallery PVC statues that Diamond Select has been releasing for about 5 years now. This week, pre-orders increased for the MCU Scarlet Witch Marvel Gallery statue and comic Marvel Vulture Gallery statue. Unfortunately it looks like the Gallery range of statues are seeing a 20% price increase as these two statues are priced at $59.99, up $10 from before. They are still some of the best statues you can buy at a reasonable price, but Diamond recently released a green goblin and one Marvel Hulk Gallery statues that sell for $125.00! Hopefully we don’t see a trend away from the affordability offered by this line of statues, which has allowed collectors to collect the entire figure line which has featured rare heroes such as Firestar, The Wasp, Novaand beta ray bill.

Finally, we Mezco One-12 Spider-Man. The figure includes several accessories, including a variety of web forms and a changing head with light-up eyes. A “Spider-Sense Tingling” effect is also included. The figure is rather expensive though, selling for $120.00. I remember when the A-12 the series was usually $80 and I just can’t see the reason for a 50% price increase on these 6 inch action figures.

Collectors’ corner: new pre-orders May 22, 2022

Author: Ricky Price

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