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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A well-known comic book artist from Folsom led a clinic Saturday to show a group of local Girl Scouts what it takes to create comic books and graphic novels. Justin Greenwood says comic book art is a lot harder than it looks.

“Having had a bunch of jobs in art – in a general sense – comics is by far the most time-consuming of the bunch,” he said.

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Folsom comic artist Justin Greenwood offered a comic art clinic to local Girl Scouts

Folsom Comic Artist Justin Greenwood Illustrates Stumptown Graphic Novel

Folsom comic artist Justin Greenwood illustrates the Stumptown comic book series and has a producing credit on the ABC television show.

Greenwood is perhaps best known for illustrating the Stumptown comics and is one of the creative forces behind the ABC television series of the same name. The event at Empires Comics in Sacramento was hosted by Heroic Girls, an organization that tries to make comics — and pop culture in general — more inclusive for girls and young women.

Heroic Girls found father of two daughters John Marcotte says most comics feature men and boys in lead roles.

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John Marcotte of Heroic Girls says girls and young women are underrepresented in pop culture

John Marcotte of Heroic Girls says girls and young women are underrepresented in pop culture

“It seems very commonplace,” he says. “But that’s how children learn what the world is like. If we keep showing them that men and boys matter more than women and girls, that’s the lesson they’re going to learn, whether they realize it or not.

Greenwood says his kids are just getting into comics and he was happy to lead the three-hour clinic.

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“I think it would be great for them to get involved in something like that,” he said.

Daniel K. Denny