Comic book contest hopes to honor the late great Mark Geuenwald

Comic book contest hopes to honor the late great Mark Geuenwald

Spectrum News 1 reported that an artist is entering an art and writing contest dedicated to the late Marvel editor Mark Gruenwald:

Ken Bailey started creating comics when he was nine years old.

Several decades later, he is still there with the help of The Mighty EnergyGirl. […]

Bailey is one of the participants in the Mark Gruenwald Comic Book Creation Challenge. It is held in recognition of the Oshkosh native who drew and edited for Marvel Comics.

Tom Perry, executive director of the Winnebago Area Literacy Council, said comics play an important role in developing reading for many people.

“Graphic novels and comics have a huge influence on getting people to read,” he said. “That’s how I learned to read. The first things I learned to read were comic books.

Entries are judged on originality, artwork, story and character development. They are due August 31.

Gruenwald was a guy who once made a point when he was around this, “Every character is someone else’s favorite. You shouldn’t kill them off lightly, or worse, ruin their looks in retrospect. An important point that many mainstream contributors to follow have sadly avoided, including – but not limited to – Joe Quesada and Dan DiDio. That’s why it’s good that this art contest bears his name, because that way those who submit their art to the contest can also show their appreciation for what Gruenwald stood for in his time, and the CP advocates of today unfortunately do not.

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