Comic book shop owner narrowly avoided death by FedEx


The owner of SBT Comics and Games comic bookstore in Kingston, Ontario, Marc Fardella, had a very unexpected FedEx delivery that almost cost him his life. Last week, a FedEx delivery truck crashed into the store window, nearly killing him and another FedEx employee. It was the first day the store was allowed to open outside of strict foreclosure rules. Mark told CTV News Kingston: “I kind of took a peek to see what was going on and just at the very last second I saw the truck, so I turned around and I dived.

The news station reports that “Wednesday, as restrictions eased across the province, Fardello was set to open his comic book store at Bay Ridge Plaza for the first time in months when the unthinkable took off. is produced. The van slammed into the glass front door of the store. , almost killing him and Pat Ehrenberg, a FedEx delivery driver doing his morning rounds. “I didn’t see Pat dive, he sort of landed right at my feet, and I immediately assumed Pat was dead.” Fortunately, the store also later confirmed Pat’s well-being. You can see it all unfold below:

They report that Kingston Police said everyone, including the driver of the van, had no serious injuries. That the driver was a man in his 60s who has lost control of the vehicle, and no charges will be laid. But that “this is just the latest setback for the store that was broken into on New Year’s Eve, amid ongoing blockages with thieves allegedly stealing thousands of dollars.” Neighboring pizzeria Gina’s Pizzeria created an SBT pizza with all the proceeds going to help the store. SBT is opened again from the rear entrance. But Fardella also posted on Facebook: “When it comes to cleaning, everything is covered. As far as financial support… we’ve seen so many incentives and gofundme and people who just want to deposit money. The ABSOLUTE BEST way to support us is to come in and be a customer. Choose us over the big guys. If you deposit money we will force a gift card into your hands or throw a product at you lol. Please understand that although we have been hit hard (no pun intended haha) there are so many struggling charities and we want you to buy from us and donate to them! We generally focus on the Kingston Food Bank and the Kingston Humane Society. held and used for our next trip to one of these guys. ”And here’s what Mark would have liked to do…

Mark Fardella meets his nemesis, photo courtesy of Jamie Coville.

Suddenly there seems to be a lot of close contact with death in the comics right now. Be careful there …

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