Comic book store celebrates new location

Hypno Comics had its grand reopening at the end of March, where the Pahrump store kicked off with $ 1 comics and a taco truck. Additionally, the boutique has invited longtime celebrity Sam Jones, known for his role as the ‘Flash Gordon’ 80s comic book character.

Residents and others lined up at Hypno’s new location at 720 East Street on Saturday. This line stretched from inside the store to the street to see Jones, who was inside signing autographs.

Although he is primarily known as Flash Gordon, Jones has made appearances in “Stargate”, “Ted” and “Ted 2” and the television series “Highwayman”.

With its new location, Hypno expects there will be more traffic, as its new location is right across from the library. The store also plans to increase the number of events, as the store is much larger than its previous location on Frontage Road.

Hypno Comics owner George Chase said, “We will be adding Pokemon League, Tabletop Game Night, Dungeons and Dragons, and other special events.” They now have four times more space than before.

Although many small businesses have suffered a significant negative impact as a result of COVID-19, Chase added, “We’ve had our struggles, like most small businesses, but we hang on, getting resourceful and creative.”

Hypno hopes to gain more customers with the recent decision.

Sam Jones wasn’t the first celebrity to visit the Hypno Comics store, they also had appearances from legendary Iron Man artist Bob Layton, John Bernthal, the New Punisher, Chuck Palahniuk, and many more.

Where is sam jones now

Jones does many signings, usually at Comic-Con and in comic book stores, although he no longer pursues acting. Jones has opened his own security company, known as Inner Cordon Inc. It offers protection to the generally well-known and powerful people coming and going from Mexico.

He even provided a special training service to law enforcement in Tijuana after the siege of Baja California. Officers were being killed every day until he intervened to help people.

They hope that with the special appearance of actor Sam Jones, it will promote their business and attract more people.

They will continue to have specials and sales like they did in their previous location, and hope more traffic builds up.

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Daniel K. Denny