Comic-Con is back! Here’s what you can expect from this year’s event

It’s been over two years since the last in-person Comic Con event, and the hype is starting to boil. Comic Con Africa likes to make each event bigger than the last, and that’s no different for 2022. This year we’ll be stopping by the Johannesburg Expo Centre, with three halls of nerdiness to explore. Games, celebrities (there are a few you won’t want to miss), cosplay and comics, September 22-25 is shaping up to be a perfect weekend.

Alley of artists

The Artists Alley is a must at Comic Con Africa. There is usually a room equipped with hundreds of stalls, with artists from all over showing their art. This is where the life of the party usually takes place; display all the hard work of our local artists. This year, near Artists Alley are Author Avenue and The Block. The Block is a place where fans can produce their own products and prints, and resell them to other fans.

Currently, fifteen international and local comic artists are confirmed to participate in this year’s event.

  • Andrew Lee Griffith (USA)
  • Bill Masuku (Zimbabwe)
  • Daniel Govar (USA)
  • Jason Masters (South Africa)
  • Karl Mostert (South Africa)
  • Livio Ramonelli (USA)
  • Sean Izaakse (South Africa)
  • Steve Ellis (USA)
  • Team Kwezi (South Africa)
  • Tony Moy (USA)
  • Zach Howard (USA)
  • Tasia MS (South Africa)
  • Stephane Roux (France)


Many attendees come to Comic Con in their own house attire. It’s great to walk around and spot characters like it’s a giant game of I-Spy. This year, three professional cosplayers are taking part in the four-day event;

  • Taryn Cosplay (Italy)
  • Elizabeth Rage (USA)
  • Leon Chiro (Italy)

Cosplay talents will be walking around, showing off their latest cosplay creations. They’ll also be spending time on the main stage, answering questions and giving tips and tricks, throughout the weekend.

The talent”

Jamie Campbell Bower

Yesterday we knew of two guests who would be going to Africa – Tati Gabrielle (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Unexplored) and Selwyn Ward (Red Turbo Power Ranger). But everything changed last night. Comic Con had two big names tucked up its sleeves – Ross Butler (13 reasons why, Shazam) and Jamie Campbell Bower (Vecna ​​of stranger things 4, Dusk). Three out of four of these actors attend all four days, ready to sign autographs and take a few photos with fans (for a price). Gabrielle will only be available on three of the four days of Comic Con Africa.



The game will go big at this year’s Comic Con. Players can access the best of esports with the Telkom VS Gaming Master tournament, with the finals taking place during the event itself. Fans can follow the preliminary rounds over the coming month ahead of the event. Find a team and cheer them on.

Plus, we have the Doritos Crunch Cup and Redbull Campus Clutch tournaments to look forward to. The Doritos Crunch Cup is a free tournament for anyone who wants to play. If you feel you’re good at Fifa, tekken, Fortniteand Street Fighterthen you can participate in the event to become the best (of those who are not paid to do this in life).

The Redbull Campus Clutch is a tournament for Valorant that took place throughout August, with the final taking place on the weekend of the event.

The stores

As usual, Comic Con is the place to pick up all the latest nerdy merchandise. Comic Con has confirmed that over 10 exclusive Funko! The pops would be unveiled during the month of September. Keep your eyes peeled on Comic Con’s social media to see if there’s anything that interests you. The lines tend to be extremely long often, so be sure to arrive early for the drops.

Never seen before


New to this year’s agenda is the StreamerCon section. It’s a place to meet some of your favorite local streamers, YouTubers, bloggers and podcasters. Eight flagship content creators are confirmed to be in attendance, with another 36 smaller streamers and YouTubers heading to the event. There will be Q&As and panels that will offer insight into the world of streaming.

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If you’re a streamer yourself, you’ll be able to stream directly from Comic Con, thanks to the use of dedicated StreamPods. Find them at the event and make a reservation to secure your spot.

StreetCon is another addition to the lineup, featuring a mashup of urban and pop culture. Famous local sneaker brand Bathu will be making an appearance so fans can grab the latest products and streetwear onsite. There will also be sketch battles and graffiti.

Finally, it’s KidsCon. It’s a place where kids can go and have fun away from the oddly dressed adults roaming the halls. There are places for games, candy, toys, and live superheroes for kids to meet.

You can collect your tickets from Comic-Con website, but don’t drag. Tickets are selling out fast and there are only three weeks left until the event begins.

Daniel K. Denny