Comic Connect Original Artwork Auction – A New Batch of Comic Art

Can you imagine owning an original comic sheet by Don Heck, Alan Davis or Jack Kirby? Now you can with ComicConnect’s new Original Art Auction. The company’s mission is to provide buyers and sellers of vintage comic books, original art, and memorabilia with an easy-to-use alternative to consignment and auction websites. Now, it’s just featured an incredible number of original comics that can be yours.

This selection includes some truly amazing pieces from some of the best artists in superhero comics. Below we will feature some of the coins available within this platform.

Interior art by Don Heck for The Avengers #23

(Picture: ComicConnect)

In this incredible Avengers page from Heck, with inks by Jazzy John Romita, Kang the Conqueror can be seen over the unconscious bodies of his enemies, Captain America and Quicksilver. According to the description on the official website “demands a response to his proposal to Princess Ravonna and is prepared to use force to obtain it if necessary as his armies lie in wait”. The plate is in excellent condition, it is a 1/3 of a panel where you can see Kang’s army, in pen and ink by Romita. You can now have it on this ComicConnect Original Artwork auction.

Don Heck pencils/John Romita inks; page 18; 1965; image size 12.5″ x 18.5″

Kang the Conqueror!

Artist Information

Don Heck had a long career as a cartoonist for Marvel Comics and is known for creating Iron Man and The Wasp. He is also one of the most relevant artists of the Silver Age, drawing the Avengers.

John Romita is the writer who took over the reins of Spider-Man after the departure of Steve Ditko and is considered one of the driving forces behind Marvel’s Silver Age. Romita is one of the well-known Spider-Man character designers such as Mary Jane Watson and Kingpin, among many others. He also helped create the look of The Punisher, in addition to major contributions during the 1970s.

Davis, Alan – EXCALIBUR SPECIAL EDITION (1987) Inside Page

Alan Davis EXCALIBUR SPECIAL EDITION (Picture: ComicConnect)

On this board available at the ComicConnect Original Art Auction, two X-Men characters can be seen in this beautiful board: Kitty Pryde and Nightcrawler. Both are in the danger room. The sheet shows how Kitty saves Nightcrawler from great danger after testing herself. A piece of pen and ink, in excellent condition.

Alan Davis pencils/Paul Neary inks, page 15; 1987; image size 11.75″ x 17″

Artist Information

Alan Davis is not only an excellent illustrator but also a screenwriter and is known for his work on Excalibur, The Uncanny X-men, JLA: The Nail and Captain Britain.

Kirby, Jack – HUNGER DOGS Inside Page

(Picture: ComicConnect) (Picture: ComicConnect)

Piece of Jack Kirby pencils/D. Bruce Berry; page 53; 1985; image size 14.25″ x 18″. From Kirby’s epic conclusion to his Fourth World saga, originally printed as DC Graphic Novel #4, comes this stunning page, filled to the brim with classic Kirby flourishes. The first panel is full of Kirby magic, and the rest of the page is just pure Jack. Pen and ink. The art is in excellent condition.

This piece by Jack Kirby was originally printed as DC Graphic Novel #4, from his Fourth World saga. A room loaded to the brim with Kirby’s skill. A pen and ink sheet which is preserved in excellent condition.

Jack Kirby/D pencils. Bruce Berry; page 53; 1985; image size 14.25″ x 18″

Artist Information

Jack Kirby had a career spanning over six decades, during which he left us with some of Marvel’s most iconic characters, such as Captain America. During the 1960s, he left his legacy in Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Thor, X-Men, and Ant-Man, among others. While at DC, he also made great contributions, such as Mister Miracle, The New Gods, and other cosmic characters, like Darkseid.

Ink pad for Jack Kirby in the 70s

Sekowsky, Mike – BRAVE AND THE BOLD, THE (1955-83) #29 Inside Page

Mike Sekowsky The Brave and the Bold (Picture: ComicConnect)

In this play by Mike Sekowsky, we can see the second appearance of the Justice League. In the panel, we can see Flash, the fastest man in the world in action. Pen and ink. The art is in perfect condition.

Mike Sekowsky pencils/Joe Giella inks; page 9; 1960; image size 13″ x 18″.

Artist Information

Joe Giella is a cartoonist best known for being an inker for DC Comics during the Silver Age of comics in the late 1950s and 1960s. It was during the Silver Age that he reached his greater notoriety, working at DC on many of their most important titles, such as Batman, Green Lantern and Strange Adventures, often collaborating with cartoonist Carmine Infantino.

Mike Sekowsky was an artist best known for being the cartoonist for DC Comics’ Justice League of America in the 1960s. In addition to that, he was a cartoonist and writer for Wonder Woman in the 1970s. Additionally, with Gardner Fox , he created the Justice League of America and worked on over 60 issues. Later he continued to work as a cartoonist leaving marvelous works such as the Supergirl series in Adventure Comics and Metal Men.

Toth, Alex – Illustration by UNDEROOS ADVERTISING ART

Alex TothBatwoman (Picture: ComicConnect)

For Batgirl fans, this piece illustrated by Alex Toth in 1981 features the superheroine striking different poses in the same frame. Pen and ink. The art is in perfect condition.

Work by Alex Toth pencils and inks; artwork Batgirl; nineteen eighty one; image size 14″ x 11″.

Artist Information

Alex Toth belongs to the golden age of DC, where he worked on Green Lantern in addition to other titles. He then worked on cartoons such as the Herculoids or Space Ghost but continued to draw comics in other genres.

In addition to these, there are also pieces available from Mark Schultz, Tradd Moore, and a Marshall Rogers cover for Marvel Comics Presents #22 featuring the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest cosmic hero, Starfox (AKA the Eternal, Eros ).

Additionally, ComicConnect is gathering an impressive list of original comics for its upcoming auction. It will debut next month and will be headlined by Frank Miller’s first published cover of his indie hit, Ronin, and Batman and Carrie Kelley ahead of the release of The Dark Knight Returns.

Are you interested in one of these works? If you have additional questions, you can contact ComicConnect directly via email at [email protected] You can also make an appointment for next Saturday, April 23 at Comic Art Con in New Jersey, where they can hand-deliver any artwork to you.

Feature image via: ComicConnect

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