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President Joe Biden announced that the US government would forgive $10,000 of federal student loan debt, or $20,000 for Pell grant recipients, for those earning less than $125,000 a year, 95% of households. Additionally, in an attempt to make the student loan system more manageable for current and future borrowers by capping monthly payments for undergraduate loans at 5% of the borrower’s discretionary income, half the rate borrowers owe currently pay under most existing plans. By proposing a rule that borrowers who have worked in a nonprofit organization, in the military, or in federal, state, tribal, or local government, receive appropriate credit for loan forgiveness. And in the future, double the maximum Pell grant and make community colleges free, while reducing college costs. Criticism of this policy has also led some to post PPP loans given to said critics during the pandemic shutdown, which have now been forgiven by the state. Some comic book writers posted their reaction on social media. Some with more capitals than others.

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Jim Steranko: How have the current belt-tightening conditions affected YOUR lives? I hate the idea of ​​a clan of politicians manipulating events to ENRICH THEIR LIVES, Aspire more power and MAKE US PAY FOR IT! I couldn’t afford to go to college—and now I’M PAYING SOMEONE ELSE’S TUITION! Point: The Debt Forgiveness Bill was designed to add Democrat VOTES to those who benefit from the law, but I can’t think of ONE REASON I worked like a cursed slave for much of my life to send strangers – including politicians – to school, while denying me the privilege! I am outraged by the liars, cheats and thieves who take in millions while dedicated, hard-working middle-class Americans and those down the ladder are FORCED TO PAY for the terminal greed of leaders trying to make us believe that “IT WON’T COST TAXPAYERS ONE CENT!” IT’S TIME TO FIGHT!!!

Taylor Esposito: I love that every person complaining about student loan debt being (partially) erased is owned online with receipts for their debts that have been erased. Keep it up, love to see the hypocrisy… People who are against loan forgiveness have never been scammed into a predatory loan at 18 when they had no education/protection on how to work , or it’s the predatory lenders.

Steve Bissette: AMERICA 2022: Discuss. Disgust. Use laws are long gone. Anyone complaining about student loan forgiveness is cheering on behalf of usurious leeches sucking people in.

Alex Segura: Imagine being angry because someone else took a break on student loans. Yeah. Not all good things have to happen directly to you for them to be legitimately good.

Mark Brooks: I paid off my student loans. All my family members have paid theirs in full for decades of monthly payments. Do you know why I’m thrilled that others who came after are getting student loan relief? BECAUSE I AM NOT AN APATHETIC SELFISH SOCIOPATHIC MONSTER!

Scott McCloud: And on the other hand, our family has tons of debt from *private* loans for our kids that aren’t eligible for the discount – and I’m ALSO happy to see others taking advantage of it! It was the right decision IMO. (Specifically that 5% rule.)

Tom Brenan: It says a lot to me that the majority of people I know who have repaid their student loans support debt forgiveness, while most reviewers I know have never had a loan to repay.

chris chiang: I agree with student loan relief or debt cancellation. I just want it coupled with financial aid reform, otherwise the problem persists and it’s only a temporary fix.

Percival Constantine: Agreed. But I am not going to say no to debt relief, even if it is not accompanied by reforms. Helping some people is always better than helping no one.

Erica Friedman: It’s not just 10K. There is a substantial reform in there. It will free millions of people whose entire lives have supported a predatory lending system. In the 1990s, it took me a decade to pay off my loans. Cancel student debt. It took me a decade to pay off my student loans in the 90s. I would like to see all student loan debt forgiven. You repaid your loans because they had reasonable rates. Reagan killed regulation and it stopped. It took me a decade to repay my loans. Loans cannot be repaid* even after 20 years of repayment. * It’s not complicated. Bad faith arguments are ridiculous…I worked 3 jobs and it took me a decade to pay off my loans in the 1990s. Soaring costs and interest and stagnating wages have made that impossible now. it’s not complicated, and why are you angry that people can move on after decades of payment?

Steven DeKnight: I paid off my student loans in the late 90s. And I fully support the cancellation of student loans. Now let’s add four years of free college to anyone who wants to attend. Knowledge is power. That’s why the @GOP fears it…it’s extremely hypocritical for @GOP officials to yell about how you should pay back your loans when so many people have had their PPP loans FORGIVEN.

James Asmus: I had to save 1/2 of my high school job dollars (worked for 15 years) for college. Applied for every grant, scholarship, and $ award (got several) Eventually chose the cheapest school of interest Completed maximum hours to finish in 3.5 years Always had loans of about 12 $26,000 Refunded & PRO-DET RELIEF!

Dylan Horrock: Student loan programs are one of many scams introduced when governments pushed social costs onto the poor and middle class to fund massive tax cuts for the rich (which predatory finance companies could then take advantage of) everyone else’s growing personal debt). See also: accommodation etc…

David Avalone: The White House: Republican millionaires pocketed money from a public aid program during a plague and have the nerve to complain about the cancellation of student loans. Take a look at the numbers. Journalism on both sides: SO UNFAIR! Why do you hate poor people!?

Keith Fosterkid: Canceling $10,000 in student debt is the worst possible decision. Anyone who would be crazy about loan forgiveness is crazy, and $10,000 isn’t enough to help most people get out of student loan debt. Plus, it doesn’t fix the problems that created the debt crisis in the first place.

Tom Feister: Can anyone total the amount of loans the Trump family never repaid?

Regan Clem: I am happy with those who have part of the debt cancelled. Second, I am frustrated with those who have sacrificed to pay off their debt and are upset.

Jodie Houser: One point I haven’t seen yet… How many people on student loan relief have ever repaid MORE than they originally borrowed? I know I have. For many people, the $10,000/$20,000 forgiveness will equate to the Department of Education forgiving the interest charged rather than the loan principal.

Lilah Sturges: In reality, I’ve paid off my student loans while working low end temp jobs for next to nothing and I still think loan forgiveness is a good idea because I want other people to have it easier than me. It sucked, why would I want anyone else to go through a worse version?

Joe Caramagna: I listen to someone complaining about student loan debt forgiveness knowing that they get annual tax breaks just to have kids and that childless couples are paying for the public education of their children.

Pete Woods: 20 million people just have more money to spend each month. The difference here between a tax cut and a loan forgiveness is that the average person puts that money back into the economy and benefits everyone with more purchases and more jobs. A tax cut for the rich is being hoarded… The so-called smart people who argue that PPPs and student loans are different. No shit. It is not about the type of loan or the need. It’s about people who haven’t had to repay a (much larger) loan insisting that other people are somehow bad for forgiving theirs.

Darrick Robertson: “The loudest voices attacking the proposal are those of senators and GOP representatives who earned their own college degrees with huge taxpayer grants.”

Tim Seeley: Really clear how PPP loans were a scam. I was turned down for 10k to do comics, and Franken Marge Greene was approved for 183k to do anger…. I asked for a loan of 10k to make a four number H/S Mini.

Patrick Zircher: That $10,000 student loan forgiveness — for some, it covers some of the interest they paid. College and trade school students are not elite, they simply wanted to improve their lives – and have been overloaded in their quest to do so.

Erik Larsen: I paid to send my children to school. I am not personally benefiting from student loan relief, but society as a whole is benefiting and that is why I support it.

Nick Filardi: I mean, I would take the 10k, but that doesn’t solve the problem. Going out with “only” 80,000 severely limited the art work I could accept. I suspect a lot of my fellow students never even made it to comics because they just got crushed on loans.

Domino Comics: I am a pell grant recipient who has paid off 30,000 loans over the past 16 years, the 20,000 forgiveness will bring me down to only 2,000 to repay. They should have done more, but I really appreciate that they did something.

Chuck Satterlee: If you want to post about how you paid off your student loans and those behind you should too, you’re an asshole and please don’t follow me. I was destroyed by student loans. It was like climbing Mount Everast in a windbreaker and shoelaces. I am happy for those who are relieved today!

Jayel Drago: I’ve paid interest on student loans for the past 20 years, which hasn’t barely lowered my principal…I just looked to see how much I owed, it’s now paid in full! That’s over $100 more a month I can contribute to society instead of paying predatory multinational banks

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