‘Comic relief from the Halls of Power’ as Civil Aviation Ministry responds to iPad pricing complaint

A Twitter user is gone Internet users in split by tagging the Ministry of Civil Aviation instead of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs in his complaint about his iPad Pro 11.

The Jyotiraditya Scindia-led ministry responded that it wanted to help but was busy providing affordable air travel, after Ankur Sharma tweeted a screenshot of an iPad Pro 11 ad on Amazon. “@amazonIN iPad Pro 11 inch has never been Rs 1,76,900. @MoCA_GoI pl is taking action against unfair business practices,” he wrote.

Amazon acknowledged the complaint in the comments section. “Thank you for reporting this. Please help us with the link of the product you are referring to, so that we can have it reviewed by our internal relevant team -Hassan,” read the comment.

The e-commerce platform added, “We have forwarded your feedback as feedback to our in-house knowledgeable team to make necessary improvements. Appreciate your understanding. -Paul.”

As Sharma’s tweet gained traction, users pointed out his mistake. “It’s not the iPad Air, so not Civil Aviation jurisdiction,” one user commented.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation’s response struck a chord with netizens, and some users launched sarcastic remarks about “affordable air travel”. One user commented, “Epic response!! A tinge of comic relief comes from the Corridors of Power. Another wrote: “What’s funnier here, do they hang the guy or do they say AFFORDABLE??”

Daniel K. Denny