Comic Shop Launches Fundraiser to Avoid Bankruptcy


Comic Universe is a comic book store that has been operating in Folsom, Pennsylvania since 1979. However, in his 41st year, it is approaching a very real threat of bankruptcy. Owner for thirty-six of those years, John Daly started a GoFundMe fundraiser. It aims to help with the costs of rent, landlord fees and utility payments and to prevent bankruptcy. In an era of comic book store closings and publisher postponements, the store is in dire straits.

In front of the Comic Universe comic book store

Daly writes, “Comic Universe was forced to close on March 19, due to the Governor of Pennsylvania’s mandated shutdown of” non-life “businesses. Additionally, Diamond Comic Distributors Inc has stopped shipping all comics and associated material until further notice. However, this does not prevent the owner, utilities and other expenses from piling up which put the future of the store in jeopardy. This store has been opened originally in 1979 and was on the verge of closing last year when the founder retired. I started coming to this store in 1984 and have continued throughout my life. “

“I met a lot of great people and saw my love of the hobby in all of them. Speaking with many, I heard how much this store meant to them and their disappointment at its closure. . Several of them told me that they would stop collecting comics altogether if that were to happen. So at the 11th hour, I rushed to continue. I had no idea that in less than a year, this mandatory closure would put the store and I on the verge of bankruptcy, so I ask for your help during this difficult time to keep the store and our love for comics alive. “

Comic book store total so far

The fundraiser has, at the time of writing, raised $ 1,120. That’s a far cry from the comic book store’s $ 10,000 goal. If you know the store, or just want to help out, now is the time.

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Daniel K. Denny