Constantine: The House of Mystery – Bloody Hell!

After the events of Justice League Dark: Apocolypse War in which Constantine convinced the Flash and guides him with his magic, to create a new flash point and change the cataclysmic events and hopefully save Earth. In doing so, there is a price to pay, and Constantine must pay it. His punishment given to him by The Specter is to be trapped for eternity in “The House of Mystery”, where his friends, including the love of his life, Zatanna, continually turn into demons and still kill him. and even. Is there a way to escape? What is the secret of his punishment? Watch and find out!

I’m a fan of DC animated movies. I really believe that if live action movies were inspired by the animated universe, they would do a lot better and make fans happier. Matt Ryan, who played Constantine in the Arrowverse and other animated movies, is reprising the role once again accompanied by some great voice talent who are all superb in their respective roles. The plot is interesting, and the script flows well and has a good pace. Robert J. Kral’s music was wonderfully composed and added to the gruesome atmosphere of the film. Now let’s talk a bit about art. First, the film is rated R, mostly for swearing, violence, and the depiction of gruesome deaths and lots of blood. But more specifically, there are two distinct artistic styles. There’s the animation style we’ve come to associate with most DC animated films, but once Constantine finds himself in the world of his punishment, the style and look changes to a style different. Some theorize that the art has shifted to a style similar to the new Flash and Superman movies and this may be a hint that these movies exist in the world created when Flash went back in time and created the new Flashpoint . It’s not confirmed but it’s an interesting premise.

Constantine: The House of Mystery is a new DC Showcase Shorts animated film that is only about half an hour long and will be available on Blue-Ray and DVD on May 3.rd2022 but is available now on select streaming services.

Daniel K. Denny