Cosplayers steal the show on the last day of Comic Con Arabia

JEDDAH: International stars of global hit series gathered at Comic Con Arabia in Jeddah this weekend to meet their fans and talk about their work.

The Arab News team had the opportunity to speak to some of the celebrities present at the convention, including Georgia Hirst and Alexander Ludwig, who are known for playing the characters Maiden Torvi and Bjorn Ironside in the historical drama series “Vikings”. .

Speaking about his visit, Hirst said “everyone has been so welcoming and friendly”.

She added: “You kind of forget that people are actually watching you…until you meet fans on this side of the world. It’s a much more real experience to meet fans face to face than it is to talk to them on Instagram or social media.

Speaking about her future roles, the actress said she intentionally took on roles that would show viewers her acting range. “You don’t want to be pigeonholed into just one role,” she said.

Ludwig, who was also part of the wildly popular ‘The Hunger Games’ film series, said he was stunned that ‘Vikings’ was being illegally streamed by 270 million people.

“I don’t care how you watch the show. It’s so great to know … that we can reach people who don’t even have access to some of these platforms,” he said. “Being part of a show that transcends borders is the dream.”

He said the show is an even bigger hit internationally than in his own country.

The actor described his experience working on the show as being akin to finding a family. “People say you meet your best friends in college,” Ludwig said. “‘Vikings’ was that college for me.”

The actor said he also dabbles in country music. “Country music is what reminds me of the important things in life. Especially in my business, (where) you’re surrounded by glitz and glamour…and the idea of ​​what celebrity is, this form of music reminds me why I’m doing this and what kind of actor and person I want be.

Luka Peros and Itizar Ituno, who played the characters of Marseille and Raquel Murillo in the hit detective series “Money Heist”, were also present.

Ituno, who speaks Spanish, said that most of the time she couldn’t communicate with her fans because she doesn’t speak English. “However, it’s evident on their faces, all feelings show in the way they approach me,” she said.

The Spanish actress added that she feels lucky to be working on a big project like ‘Money Heist’.

Peros, for her part, joined the show when she was already globally impacted. “A big achievement for me is making a living as an actor. It’s a very hard job, and it’s rewarding to be able to work on our passion,” he said.

Also present at the event was “Games of Thrones” weapons master and professional gunsmith Tommy Dunne.

Dunne said it was a happy accident that he got into designing weapons for movies, and it all started with “Braveheart.”

“Making these weapons was also a feat of engineering for me because they also had to work. So when I make a weapon, I make it work… We make sure it physically looks like it works, and that’s the case,” he said.

Daniel K. Denny