DC Universe Infinite Finally Expands Digital Comics Service Worldwide

DC Universe Infinite is finally expanding globally, as users in Brazil, the UK, and more will soon be able to use the comic book service.

DC Infinite Universe is finally expanding worldwide, as the DC Comics subscription service will soon be available worldwide. On Monday, DC Comics revealed that its digital comic reader app will be available in several new countries later this year, including Brazil, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. The app, which includes a significant portion of the DC Comics library and other features, will be rolling out over the next few weeks and summer.

In 2020, DC Comics announced the launch of DC Infinite Universe, a subscription-based platform where readers could read comics on their devices online. Previously, DC Universe housed their comics, TV, and movie content before the streaming side moved to HBO Max. When relaunching the app to focus only on digital comics like DC Infinite Universe, DC Comics originally revealed that the subscription service would be available outside of the United States soon after the rebranding. However, more than a year passed with no news – until recently when the expansion into Canada was revealed. And now, DC Infinite Universe is globalizing.


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DC Comics unveiled DC Infinite Universe will expand globally throughout 2022. In the new announcement, DC revealed that the digital comics subscription app will be coming to iOS and Android in a slew of new locations, including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Brazil and Mexico. The news means that for the first time, countries will have access to over 25,000 digital comics, interviews and talks accessible through the app.

In a statement regarding the new announcement, DC Senior Vice President and General Manager Anne Leung DePies said she was thrilled to bring DC Infinite Universe worldwide. She said the launch was the first of “many more to come”.

DC is excited to soon welcome comic book fans from other countries to our digital service for the first time. Making DC UNIVERSE INFINITE available worldwide is one of our top priorities and this launch is the first of many to come. It’s another way for fans of all generations around the world to engage with iconic DC Super Heroes!

Over the next 30 days, readers who sign up will save money on their next subscription, such as the annual price for Canada ($59.99 vs. CAD $89.99), Australia ($64.99 $ vs. $99.99 AUD) and New Zealand ($64.99 vs. 99 NZD). ) are among the locations offering discounts for the period. Readers can also subscribe monthly. Pricing for Brazil and Mexico will be revealed later.

The DC Universe Infinite logo.

Important dates to remember DC Universe Infinite Global iOS and Android launches are as follows: Canada (available now), Australia and New Zealand (March 29, 2022), United Kingdom (April 28, 2022), and Brazil and Mexico in summer 2022. For DC readers Comics looking for more info on DC Universe Infinite global launch and future plans for the digital comic book app, You can find it here.

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