DC Universe Infinite is offering 50% off digital comic subscriptions today only

On March 1, digital comics platform DC Universe Infinite announced that new and existing customers can get 50% off annual subscriptions.

Today it was announced that the digital comics platform DC Infinite Universe offers both new and returning customers 50% off for annual subscriptions. To commemorate the new month of March, DC Comics fans have the opportunity to access over 25,000 comics from the Digital Comics Library for half the service’s normal price.

When DC Universe Infinite officially launched last year, comic book readers were impressed with the service. While Marvel Unlimited also gives fans access to their catalog, DC Universe Infinite also provides users with plenty of out-of-print comics. The service regularly offers the choice between $7.99 per month or $74.99 for the year. However, for fans located in the United States, DC unveiled a surprise promotion.


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On March 1, DC Comics announced that fans can join DC Universe Infinite with a 50% off annual subscription, priced at $37.49. The one-year subscription includes access to over 25,000 titles on iOS, Android, and other devices. New and returning customers in America can use promo code “FLASHSALE31” through March 2 at 11:59 PM (PST) to redeem the offer.

DC Universe Infinite Comic Book Service

Throughout March, DC Universe Infinite will be collecting recent and upcoming titles such as I Am Batman, Superman vs. Lobo, Superman ’78, Titans United, Black Manta, Aquaman: The Becoming, Aquaman’s 80th Anniversary Special, and many others. During the first week of the month, the service will feature recent issues of Batman: White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn, Batman: Reptilian, and Static: Season 1. The service will also integrate out-of-print comics such as The New Guardians #9, with Milestone Hardware #32 and Blood Syndicate #26, join the imprint’s digital archive with other 90s series like Static and Icon.

As Batman’s Coming later this week, DC Universe Infinite is also allowing registered non-subscription users to read the out-of-print comics that inspired the movie for free. Titles that influenced Matt Reeves’ new live-action portrayal of the Dark Knight include Batman: Ego and Other Tails, Batman #404 (the first chapter of Batman: Year One), and Batman: The Long Halloween #1.

For fans interested in the service but still hesitant, DC Universe Infinite is also offering a 7-day free trial. The announced promotion coincides with the recent Comixology update which rendered the service’s interface unusable for many subscribers, who expressed their displeasure on social media. DC Infinite Universe is a convenient alternative for comic book readers looking for a more reliable and affordable model.

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