Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld Will Auction BloodStrike #1 Remastered Comic Book NFT on MakersPlace

BLOODSTRIKE #1 stormed the charts in 1992, selling over a million copies on its first printing! 30 years after making their dynamic debut as the creator of Deadpool by Rob Liefeld Extreme Universe expanded, Bloodstrike #1 has been remastered for a special NFT edition! Bloodstrike #1 introduced the world to Cabbot Stone! Shogun! Dead end! Four games! And more. Written and illustrated by Rob Liefeld, the first issue was the first chapter of the famous Blood Brothers story! This very first pitch featured Liefeld’s dynamic super team, Brigade, introduced at the end of the first issue. This historic NFT drop includes all new variant editions of the classic Bloodstrike covers as well as all new Liefeld covers and the introduction of a new Bloodstrike Agent! Each buyer will receive the comic in PDF format with the cover they purchase. The first 200 buyers of all nine covers will receive an extremely limited edition, physical copy of the comic book personally signed by Liefeld. There is also a 1/1 hero cover up for auction which will be minted and signed. The winner of the 1/1 cover will also receive the ONLY hard copy of the Original Hand Drawn Art by Rob Liefeld.

“As a marketplace that has a unique position in the diverse and rapidly growing NFT market, MakersPlace enjoys working with comic book legend projects like Rob Liefeld,” mentioned Craig Palmer, CEO of MakersPlace. “One of my favorite things about what we do is being able to both launch something new and bring old works of art back to life, whether it’s through a painting or a series. of comic books. Technology has given us this gift of rejuvenation, which broadens the audience for works of art.”

The format will be nine limited edition sales and one auction. Each of the following covers bears the following title:





“I really wanted to do something special and fresh for Image Comics’ 30th anniversary as well as Bloodstrike’s 30th anniversary, and this special edition NFT Drop with Makers Place ticks all the boxes,” said Rob Liefeld. “For this special edition of Bloodstrike #1, I went in and personally enhanced the art of each page, refining the faces and characters and redoing all the colors. The icing on the cake is all the new cover editions that I have included. for the occasion! I can’t wait for fans to own a piece of this story!”

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On Rob Liefeld:
Rob Liefeld is an illustrious comic book creator, writer, artist and author of Orange County, California, best known as the creator of everyone’s favorite Merc With A Mouth, Marvel’s “Deadpool.” His 30+ year career spans many top DC and Marvel comic book franchises including the X-Men, Captain America, The Avengers, Spiderman, X-Force, Teen Titans and Hawkman. His big breakthrough came in 1991 when Marvel handed him the reins of the struggling New Mutants franchise. He’s created dozens of new characters, including Domino, Shatterstar, Stryfe, Wildside, and Warpath to name a few, but it’s his creation of Deadpool, first seen in New Mutants #92, that changed everything. He single-handedly reinvigorated the franchise. Deadpool, along with one of Liefeld’s other popular creations, Cable, originated when Liefeld created X-Force. X-Force #1 quickly became a runaway success, selling over 5 million copies and is still the second best-selling comic book of all time.

In 1992 Liefeld left Marvel and alongside 6 other notable comic book creators and created IMAGE COMICS. They quickly became the number one independent label in comic book history. Rob’s own IMAGE branch, Extreme Studios has created many successful publications such as Avengelyne, Prophet, Bloodstrike, Brigade, Glory and Supreme, but it was his own creation Youngblood, which shattered all expectations and sales records with over a million copies sold.

Not content with taking over the comic book world, Rob’s characters have also taken over the big screen. Deadpool Has Been Made Into 2 Big Movies Starring Ryan Reynolds playing the titular character. They broke box office records $1.5 billion global. In 2021, it was announced that PROPHET would be adapted into a major film directed by Sam Hargrave (Extraction) and featuring Jake Gyllenhaal as main character John Prophet. Liefeld will serve as executive producer.

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