‘Do we use the phone or does it use us?’ Desi Comic Sums Up Mobile “Addiction” Perfectly

Majority of people think that in the 21st century, it is normal to check our phone notifications first thing in the morning after waking up or scrolling the internet as the last thing in the evening before going to bed. But, without realizing the enormity of our cell phone addiction, many of us spend hours scrolling through social media apps because they have become such a big part of our daily lives. For the uninitiated, the term NOMOPHOBIA or No Mobile Phone Phobia is used to describe a condition when people fear being detached from mobile phone connectivity. Now, summarizing all of our addictions and experiences, a video came out that compels everyone to watch each other carefully.

YouTuber and content creator Yuvraj Dua’s recent “Phone ka 24-hour nasha” video details how everyone has fallen prey to a new addiction. Youtuber’s mobile addiction video makes netizens feel guilty.

The video begins with Dua saying, “Bina kuch phunke, bina kuch piye, bina koi goli gatke hame chadh chuka hai ek bahot hi zehreela nasha, 24 ghante phone se chipke rehne ki bhaedi aadat (no inhaling, no drinking, no taking any pill, we got addicted to a very toxic drug, and it’s the bad habit of being on the phone for 24 hours)”

Additionally, he said, “Har paanch minute baad, haathon mein insta khulna ki khurak aise machti hai, jaise angutha ragad ragad ke ismein se jinn nikal aayega aur teen khwahishen puri karega (we tend to scroll through Instagram every five minutes as if we rub a thumb on the screen will cause a genie to arise and make our wishes come true.

In a different comparison, the Youtuber linked screen time to inflation and said, “Har cheez ke bhao ke sath, yeh (screen time) bhi badta ja raha hai (As prices soar, the screen time also increases).” Then he sarcastically commented on how easily we memorize trending songs, then he asked the real question: “Are we using the phone, or is the phone using us? it? Are we using the phone’s battery or is the phone using our brains?”

While concluding his short video, Yuvraj asked netizens to consider whether netizens are busy paying EMIs for phones or if the phone is eating away at our sleep in installments. In the caption, the Youtuber asked viewers to tag their friends and ask them to reduce their screen time.

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Daniel K. Denny