Do you like Tintin or the Smurfs? This Country’s New Passport Will Feature Comic Book Heroes

Important documents such as passports are usually designed in a plain and simple way, but the Belgian government has decided to brighten up this travel document.

On January 27, Belgium launched the new passport which has comic book character design theme. The European nation seeks to honor its heritage by referencing comics like The Adventures of Tintin, The Smurfs, Willy and Wanda and others in its passport. Belgians can apply for the new passports from February 7.

In a statement, the Belgian government said: “The new Belgian passport will be recognizable thanks to its original design, which honors one of the jewels of our culture: the heroines and heroes of the comic strip”. The statement also said that the new passports, which were developed with the help of anti-fraud specialists, will be more secure than the previous ones.

According to Design TAXI, the intricate illustrations could make it difficult to fraudulently duplicate the 32-page document. Despite its novelties, the price of the new passport will remain unchanged.

This announcement delighted not only Belgians, but also comic book lovers around the world. Appreciating the decision, one person tweeted: “Belgians are known for their love of comics. And while Tintin & Snowy may display questionable attitudes… the option of having your passport in the comic design is appealing.

In a related development, the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweeted: “On the occasion of the launch of the new passport, a temporary exhibition on the history of the Belgian passport will take place at the Comic Strip Museum (Zandstraat 20, 1000 Brussels) from January 28 to March 6, 2022.”

Daniel K. Denny