Doctor Strange gets poisonous in new comic

Superstar artist RB Silva unleashes a Venom-ized Doctor Strange in a new special cover for The Death of Doctor Strange # 2.

Contains spoilers for The Death of Doctor Strange # 1!

the recent from marvel The death of Doctor strange The story began in style with the killing of the Sorcerer Supreme, only to reveal his surprising “saving” plan. Now for issue # 2, readers have the chance to see a Venom-ized Strange Doctor in a special RB Silva cover variant. The issue goes on sale in print and digitally on October 20.

It is not unusual for businesses to create “themes” for variant covers; On several occasions, Marvel has released “Venom-ized” variants that reimagine some of their most popular characters as if they had been taken over by a Venom symbiote. The idea turned out to be popular and even spread to other media – Funko released a series of action figures featuring various heroes such as Rocket and Hulk “Venom-ized”. Now RB Silva is unleashing a Venom-ized Doctor Strange on the Marvel Universe in his variant for Death of Doctor Strange # 2. Someone has killed Doctor Strange, and as the heroes reunite to find out who did, the search for a new Wizard Supreme has begun. Meanwhile, a seemingly older version of Doctor Strange has arrived from the past. The issue is written by Jed MacKay, with illustrations by Lee Garbett and colors by Antonio Fabela.


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In an article published on Newsarama, Marvel unveiled the cover variant of Silva alongside a few preview pages. The sight of a Venom version of Doctor Strange is terrifying. Sporting six arms, each ready to cast a killing spell, the Sorcerer Supreme’s face has been distorted, with sharp fangs and a long tongue, instantly reminiscent of Venom. The reds, blues and yellows of her traditional outfit have been swapped for Venom’s trademark black and white.

Will this weird Venom-ized Doctor actually appear in The Death of Doctor Strange # 2? Unlikely, as these variations are usually just fun one-offs. However, the cover comes at an interesting time in the life of the Sorcerer Supreme. His apparent death has already made waves in Marvel’s magical community and will continue to do so for the next several months. Many magical users will undoubtedly tip their hat in the ring to become the next Sorcerer Supreme. At the moment, it’s unclear who it is, but it’s possible that someone less noble than Doctor Strange could secure the title; Doctor Doom has come close a few times and remains a contender. Others, like Kulan Gath or Baron Mordo, are also possibilities.

While the possibility of a poisonous strange doctor appearing anytime soon is slim, the cover could foreshadow the rise of an evil wizard supreme. Fans can read as the saga continues to unfold in The death of Doctor strange # 2.

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