Embracer Group acquires Dark Horse, the third largest comic book publisher

Embracer Group is still on the warpath. After spending 2021 making more mergers and acquisitions than anyone else, the Swedish holding company decided to change course slightly and buy a comic book publisher.

Dark Horse has just announced that it has joined Embrace Group for an undisclosed amount. The company will continue to be led by CEO and founder Mike Richardson, without any change in the management of the company.

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So why switch from buying game studios to being a comic book publisher? First of all, Dark Horse isn’t all about the comics. Although Dark Horse most often makes headlines by partnering with huge game publishers to make comic book adaptations of their intellectual property, Dark Horse itself has over 300 intellectual properties, and many. ‘between them “are attractive for future transmedia exploitation, including the creation of new video games.”


Master Chief poses on the cover of Dark Horse's upcoming Halo encyclopedia

Second, Dark Horse isn’t all about the comics. His production company Dark Horse Entertainment also has over 40 projects underway for top broadcasters including Netflix, Amazon, Syfy, Sony, MGM, Universal, and Warner Media.

On top of that, Dark Horse is also a profitable business with an expected revenue of $ 100 million for this year alone. Combine that with Embracer’s obvious desire to have Dark Horse collaborate with one of its many video game developers to create new games, and this purchase makes perfect sense.

This certainly makes sense to Mike Richardson, who expressed his enthusiasm in a Press release. “The synergies that exist with the Embracer Business Network promise exciting new opportunities not only for Dark Horse, but also for the creators and the companies we work with. I have to say that the future of our company has never been brighter.

The purchase price for Dark Horse was not disclosed. Embracer expects the deal to close in early 2022.

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