Ezra Miller apologizes and asks for treatment

Ezra Miller has been in the spotlight for months due to his bad behavior. The actor who plays Flash in DC has been arrested several times in Hawaii for violent behavior. In addition to several allegations of child molestation and the recent burglary and robbery, he did so in Vermont. Now Ezra Miller is apologizing and seeking treatment, according to recent reports.

Miller has just released a statement apologizing for any inconvenience caused and stating that he will be receiving psychiatric treatment. However, many are wary of the suddenness of the change. Warner himself may have intervened in such an announcement to boost Miller’s popularity and be more successful in the flash.

Ezra Miller apologizes and asks for treatment

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In a report written in Variety magazinethe star of the flash movie, Ezra Miller, said he was sorry for his behavior. He admitted to having mental health issues and will do everything possible to resume a normal, healthy and active life. Without a doubt, the most important thing about these statements is that Ezra Miller finally apologizes and asks for a cure.

In the report, Miller said: “After going through a period of intense crisis, I now understand that I suffer from complex mental health issues and have started ongoing treatment.”

He ended by commenting, “I want to apologize to anyone I may have alarmed or upset with my behavior. I am committed to doing the work necessary so that I can return to a healthy, safe and productive phase of my life.

Ezra Miller back in Los Angeles Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The underlying question is whether the post made by the star is sincere and even if Miller himself wrote it. Many fans doubt that Ezra Miller’s apology and demands for treatment are real or a marketing ploy. Until a few days ago, the actor’s social networks still displayed the same chaotic behavior. A few days ago, authorities said he was arrested in Vermont for stealing alcohol from a house, making it hard to believe the integrity of his words and considering multiple scenarios.

There are several possibilities in this regard. The first is that Warner forced the actor to make such an announcement. The major could have influenced and even drafted the actor’s apology post. Another factor is economic. the flash The cost of the film is estimated at nearly $200 million. This budget is a good reason to stop the release of the film, because it would mean losing a significant investment. The last aspect is legal. Positioning himself as mentally ill can help him defend himself from all these accusations that have not yet come to fruition.

Will the Flash come out unscathed?

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Fans and movie analysts wonder if the flash the movie will be safe from all that bad publicity. Miller’s actions have cast doubt for several months on whether the film will be released or whether Warner will change direction. This after statements from that company saying it would no longer work with Miller.

Variety’s recent post in which Ezra Miller apologizes and seeks treatment may calm the waters. However, we would also have to wait for recent events. On September 26, Ezra Miller is scheduled to appear in Vermont for burglary, breaking and entering. In addition to the crimes against young women from which he had been on the run.

The film may be seriously affected depending on the information revealed. It can happen in the same way as with the lawsuit between Johnny Deep and Amber Heard which lowered the popularity of the Aquaman 2 film when the personality of the actress who brings Mera to life in this film was revealed.

Finally, we will have to wait if Ezra Miller prioritizes his health and if his words are sincere. His behavior in recent months, and even in recent weeks, would say otherwise. The recent actions of the actor show him his harmful and frantic life.

A fact that could influence Miller to be psychologically treated would be a legal issue. The possibility of going to prison for a long time could have touched the comedian to the lowest. If he uses it to defend himself against all the crimes he is accused of, it is very likely that the judge will sentence him to treatment.

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