Fans are flocking to the premiere of The Comic Shop’s “Black Widow.” | News

OSWEGO — Moviegoers in Port City got a taste of the Hollywood red carpet this weekend as the area continues to rebound after more than a year of no real party.

The Comic Shop teamed up with Oswego Cinema 7 for a premier gala celebrating the opening of Marvel’s “Black Widow,” and costumed superheroes, families and revelers swarmed West Second Street on Friday night.

“I wanted to bring our community together and share something cool, fun and special,” said Comic Shop owner Evan Coy. “So many people have helped keep the Comic Shop alive and thriving over the past eighteen months, we wanted to do something special to say thank you and give back.”

For more than 100 fans, the flash of cameras, warm stage lights and the feel of plush carpeting weren’t just an excuse to go out for the night – it was the driving force. WRVO host Mark Lavonier and Mama’s Geeky lifestyle brand founder Tessa Smith collaborated to host the evening.

“It’s a way for our community to connect with a genre that isn’t so niche anymore,” Lavonier said.

As the voice of WRVO’s “All Things Considered,” Lavonier also hosts his own program “Tuned to Yesterday” — a show designed to relive the golden age of radio through shows and stories from the past. Smith played a slightly less traditional role in media success.

Her fearless reporting has taken her coast to coast to rub shoulders with some of Hollywood’s biggest names and shed light on their new projects. She founded Mama’s Geeky in 2014 as a women-only platform for those looking to make their voice heard in the entertainment review industry. Traditionally, this space has been largely reserved for one gender.

“Working in this space, especially when I started, was largely male-driven,” Smith said. “Women should have a voice – we have a voice.”

Since entering the movie premiere industry in 2015, Smith has attended 15 blockbuster Hollywood red carpet premieres for films including ‘Inside Out’, ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. “.

“There’s nothing quite like sitting in a room with the people who created the art you’re looking at. It’s truly an amazing, amazing experience,” Smith said.

Her passion for all things geeky started much earlier than that, however, dating back to her youth when she spent time playing long, story-driven video game series such as “Resident Evil” or “Final Fantasy “.

Being a “geek” is something Smith takes to heart and proudly defends, she said, going so far as to name her website in an effort to “reinforce” the word geek and shed new light on the word.

“I have two daughters who are super geeky and I don’t want them to hide it and know it’s okay,” Smith said. “Being a geek is super cool.”

After the film’s credits sequence, Smith and Lavonier spoke to viewers about the screening to gather local thoughts on the characters, story and more. To hear what fans had to say after the movie, visit Mama’s Geeky’s YouTube channel for a compilation of some fan reactions.

According to Comic Shop manager Martin Kinney, the premiere was a “huge success” and the possibility of more to come was high.

“We’re definitely looking at doing something similar with one of the upcoming premieres, hopefully in the near future,” Kinney said Monday.

Smith described Friday’s event as a great giveaway for the community looking to reintroduce themselves to cinema and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“I can’t wait for the next one and for other community events. I had a great time with Lavonier, Coy and Kinney. The Comic Shop did a great thing bringing everything together to celebrate the movie,” Smith said. “I know we will collaborate again soon.”

For more information, visit or visit the Comic Shop’s Facebook page.

Daniel K. Denny