Frank Cho on Lake Como, “The most beautiful Comic Con in the world”


If I can, I try to do one international comic book exhibition a year. Last year it was San Diego, three years ago it was an event in Paris, and New York before that. But this year, I’m going to a show – and an area – where I’ve wanted to go for years, Lake Como Comic Festival in Cernobbio on the shores of Lake Como in Italy, on May 14 and 15. And it’s a very different comic book convention indeed.

For starters, it has attendance capped at one thousand. It has an intentionally high ticket price. And a hundred comic book creators, all artists. It allows attendees to meet creators, talk to creators, buy original artwork, and get commissions. This is not a cosplay place, there are no toys, movies, games or other tchotchkes, there are not even comic book writers – unless they also draw.

Everything takes place in a luxurious setting, both the place and the setting, Villa Erba. You might recognize him from Ocean’s Twelve. Regular participant Frank Cho puts in the aggressive sale on Facebook, saying;

I can’t believe that one of my favorite comic book conventions in the world, Lake Como Comic Art Fest, is only a few months away. This is by far the finest comedy convention in the world. Not to mention that some of the best artists in the industry will be there.
This year alone, the list of invited artists is breathtaking: Arthur Adams, Olivier Coipel, Adam Hughes, Juanjo Guarnido, Geof Darrow, Milo Manara, Alan Davis, Serpieri, Adi Granov, Esad Ribic, Tim Sale, Mirka Andolfo, Liam Sharp , Mark Brooks, Ben Oliver and I, etc.
Tickets are limited, so the ratio of pro to fan is 1 to 10. Pretty much guaranteeing that anyone who wants a sketch will get a sketch.
The crazy thing is, if you combine all the travel costs, attending this Lake Como comic festival is cheaper than going to San Diego Comicon, especially for all the European fans.
So buy your tickets now before they sell out.

The tickets are $150 €135 £112 for one day, or $220, €200 or £166 for two days, Saturday or Sunday. A second tier for the weekend, including the Friday night opening reception, and a limited portfolio featuring never-before-seen artwork by Lako Como guests costs $495, €450 or £375. The full current guest list runs below;

  • Mirka Andolfo
  • ryan benjamin
  • Federico Bertolucci
  • Simone Bianchi
  • Predict
  • Pierangelo Boog
  • Dan Brereton
  • Mark Brooks
  • Mark Buckingham
  • Giorgio Cavazzano
  • Frank Cho
  • Daniel Clowes
  • Iban Coello
  • Olivier Coupel
  • Giorgio Comolo
  • Geof Darrow
  • Alan Davis
  • Kristina Deak Linsner
  • Gabriele Dell’Otto
  • Ricardo Federici
  • Jorge Fornes
  • Adi Granov
  • Juanjo Guarnido
  • Trevor Hairsine
  • Adam Hughes
  • Klaus Janson
  • Joseph Michael Linsner
  • Emanuela Lupacchino
  • Liberating Tanino
  • David Mac
  • Milo Manara
  • Guillem Mars
  • Enrico Marini
  • Alvaro Martinez Bueno
  • Ben Olivier
  • Zu Orzu
  • Jason Palm
  • Gerald Parel
  • Sean Phillips
  • Sara Pichelli
  • Marc Raats
  • Bruno Redondo
  • Esad Ribic
  • Daniel Sampere
  • Tim Sale
  • Matteo Scalera
  • Serpieri
  • Arantza Sestayo
  • Liam Sharp
  • Bill Sienkiewicz
  • Allison Sohn
Frank Cho on Lake Como, “The most beautiful Comic Con in the world”

And I’ll see you there…

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