Good DCAU movies that are the pinnacle of comic book accuracy

DCAU Films tends to take a lot of creative liberties with the source material. But history has witnessed the success of DCAU Films when they do it all through the book.

Superman’s death

Superman’s death

Superman: Doomsday tried to do this years ago. He failed dramatically. Superman’s death was DCAU’s second attempt to give us a story arc-based animated film of the same name. It was visceral and unsettling to watch Superman accept his fate and fight this unstoppable killing machine to the end. As the Justice League desperately watches Superman for hope, Kal-El knows he’s the only one with the power to do what’s right. Ultimately, he pays the ultimate price.

Paradox of the contentious area

The flash zone paradox

The Flashpoint Paradox may be the greatest DCAU movie ever made. It was an animated adaptation of the comic book arc of the same name that has since become a cult classic. Flashpoint’s timeline has been remade time and time again in movies, TV shows, and DCAU movies. But the only movie that managed to capture the serious, dark essence of being a survivor of the Flashpoint timeline was this movie. Sure, there were a few changes, but they weren’t enough to change the basic integrity of the comic book arc.

The reign of the superman

The reign of the supermen

While not the greatest animated comic book movie ever to be made, Reign of the Superman has had its moments. It accurately portrays four different Supermen trying to take Kal-El’s place as the New Man of Steel. There were some changes to the source material, but by the end of it, they completed the story arc. Cyborg Superman’s origins have been changed along with a few other minor details. But fans loved the movie for staying true to the source material as much as possible while it was running. The few deviations he had are forgivable as he mainly kept the overall plot of the comic book from which he drew heavily on.

Return of the Dark Knight, Part 1

Return of the Dark Knight, Part 1

Now here is a movie for the ages. DCAU movies can come and go. But The Dark Knight Returns will forever remain evergreen. The Dark Knight Returns comic book arc has been turned into a two-part movie franchise. DCAU Films tends not to do this. And the rest suffered a bit because DC got a little too greedy. And that’s why we only have Part 1 of The Dark Knight Returns on this list. An old Bruce Wayne comes out of retirement because his town needs Batman’s return. Bruce may be old, but Bat never gives up on a fight. We see him take on mutants in style and win in the most badass way possible.

Justice League: War

JL: The war

DCAU movies tend to only go for mainstream arcs. But at that time, making a Justice League movie that also serves as a single origin story was a whole new concept. Justice League: War was based on Geoff Johns’ legendary New 52 Justice League race. The Justice League unites, joining forces for the very first time to fight a common threat that aims to destroy the world. In more ways than one, Justice League: War was better than even the Justice League live-action movie we received from Joss Whedon in 2017.

Batman: Year One

First year

An adaptation of Frank Miller’s iconic comic book storyline of the same name, Batman: Year One was destined for greatness. It was a tale of Bruce Wayne’s formative years as the Dark Knight in Gotham City. Still too green as a vigilante, Bruce learns from his many mistakes and mistakes to become the Batman he is legendary known today. Batman: Year One remains one of the finest Batman movies and the best animated superhero origin story to ever make it to screens.

Daniel K. Denny