Grant Morrison, Tom King and Jen Bartel head to the substack for new comic book opportunities

Substack announces the latest group of creators to join its newsletter platform, including Grant Morrison, Tom King, Jen Bartel and Elsa Carter.

Substack has announced the latest group of creators to join its newsletter service.

According to Polygonthe new wave of creators heading to the platform includes Grant Morrison via XanaduumTom King and Elsa Carter passing by Eternal ProductionsJen Bartel through JENBARTEL.CLUBKhary Randolph and Joanne Starer through Glass Eye Studios and Brian K. Vaughan and Niko Henrichon by exploding giraffe. Additionally, Substack launched Mangasplaining Extraa manga-centric podcast and newsletter that regularly posts different stories from a rotating team of creators.

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In addition to these new productions, Substack has announced new rounds of some of its existing newsletters. After the success of its first release, blue bookwriter James Tynion IV will begin publishing chapters of his graphic novel Closet to its subscribers. Meanwhile, writer Kelly Thompson will publish the first issue of black cape, drawn by artist Meredith McClaren, via her Substack channel. Finally, Jonathan Hickman will add two new comics to his ongoing project, 3 Worlds/3 Moons.

Substack is a newsletter company that gives creators a platform to deliver regular content to their subscribers using free and paid tiers. Creators can choose to create their prizes and increase costs based on the incentives they want to add, such as merchandise, physical releases, and original artwork. Last summer, Substack started pushing for more comic-related material and hired amazing spider man writer Nick Spencer to oversee the development of these projects.

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Since creators who produce through Substack own the rights to everything they publish, the platform has caught the eye of some of the most popular creators in the comics industry without directly clashing with their obligations to publishers. black hammer Co-creator Jeff Lemire, for example, will release a new digital first installment through Substack, with a later print release through Dark Horse Comics. Additionally, Lemire can simultaneously balance his contracts with Image and Substack, giving fans multiple ways to support his work.

Substack is just one of the many ways comics continue to thrive on digital platforms. In 2021, DC announced a partnership with WEBTOON on several digital comics. Similarly, Marvel entered into a partnership with WEBTOON earlier this year and expanded its Marvel Unlimted subscription service to incorporate more original content based on its character catalog.

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