Homelander’s reflection scene reimagined as comic art

New The Boys fan art sees Homelander’s ego poking out of a mirror, as the season 3 scene is reimagined in classic comic style.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The boys season 3, episode 6

A new piece of The boys the fan art reimagines the Homelander reflection scene in a comic book style. Based on the comic book series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, Prime Video’s The boys takes place in a world where superheroes (aka “Supes”) have been corrupted by their celebrity status. Supes engage in reckless behavior enabled by powerful corporations like Vought International, which is famous for its satirical takes on Marvel’s The Avengers in DC’s Payback and Justice League in The Seven. At the center of the series is Homelander (Antony Starr), a twisted and narcissistic version of DC’s Superman.


Having endured the life of a lab rat since early childhood, part of Homelander’s personality is an insecure child who yearns for a mother/father figure and the admiration of everyone around him. . Another part sees itself as superior to everyone else. In other words, it is “the only man in the sky.” If he cannot be loved, to be feared is “A-1, Okey-Doke” with Homelander. The recently released The boys The Season 3 episode “Herogasm” explores this duality in a way that audiences have seen on the show before. In a scene reminiscent of Norman Osborn’s exchanges with the Green Goblin in Spider Man Where The Lord of the RingsIn the Gollum/Smeagol scenes, Homelander stands before a large mirror in his quarters as his two halves interact with each other, the “bad” telling the “good” that the latter must be cut up like a cancer. . Now a fan has interpreted this scene as being in a panel on the page.

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Artist HanumTaza recently took to Twitter to share an illustration inspired by The boys. The art perfectly recreates the reflection scene from season 3 of Homelander. The play sees Homelander’s dangerous ego protrude as the other side of himself cries and, perhaps, hopes the man in the mirror doesn’t completely take over. Check it out below:

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The scene above is just an example of how The boys Season 3’s adaptation of “Herogasm” is more than just a wild superhero event. Homelander’s mental state grew increasingly fragile, with Soldier Boy’s return and Vought’s potential meltdown pushing him to a breaking point. As his Captain America’s Superman, Solider Boy was Homelander before Vought decided he needed an upgrade. And while The boys season 1 and 2 never saw Homelander physically threatened, Season 3 uses the 70th annual Herogasm as the setting for Homelander’s first real challenge in battling Solider Boy, Butcher, and Hughie. Not only is Homelander humbled by this, but he’s nearly knocked out by Soldier Boy’s newfound power.

The boys“Herogasm” surprised many with its more dramatic elements. Its final scenes see Homelander looking at himself in the mirror again, this time with a bruise on his face – a reflection of the humanity the supe thought was above. Although there is no conversation with his alter ego mirror like the previous scene, Homelander’s thoughts are clear on his face. The boys Season 3 adds credence to Homelander being one of TV’s most complex and interesting villains. Especially, The boysThe reflection scene offers a fresh look at his headspace moving forward, and this art harkens back to its comedic source perfectly.

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Source: Hanum Taza/Twitter

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