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Fortnite quests are a hot trend whenever a new season drops and players are eager to level up faster and earn more XP to claim the Battle Pass rewards. This time around, with Darth Vader sitting at level 100, players are finding legitimate ways, like using Reality Fruit, to reach level 100 faster than usual.

Ever since Fortnite improved the Accolade XP in-game following community backlash, loopers are finding ways to exploit the buff and hit level 100 to start grinding Bonus Battle Pass rewards. Some drive Ballers around Rave Cave non-stop to complete a milestone, while others tame wild animals and drive them greater distances.

However, the easiest way to earn a bunch of XP in a single action is behind the mysterious Reality Sapling and the weeds growing around it. To grow a sapling that bears the “fruit loot”, players must find Reality Seeds spread across the island in Reality Bulbs and place their sapling in a biome.

The sapling, later on, grows bigger and bears fruit every 6 minutes of playtime, giving them different levels of loot. However, players also need to clear the weeds surrounding the sapling for the next fruit to grow and the level to progress. It turns out that bearing fruit and clearing weeds gives players a massive amount of XP. Here’s how you can do it.

Use Reality Sapling and Weeds to reach level 100 faster in Fortnite Season 3

The above video from content creator GKI (aka Glitch King) shows off a legit method players can use to get over 100,000 XP in a single match. The method is not limited to a level or a match because it is unlimited.

To perform the method, you must go near the areas where you can find trees connected to the reality tree, namely Greasy Grove, Rave Cave and Reality Falls. Once you drop into this area, you can find a bunch of Reality Saplings that have fruit on them.

reality fruit glitch 2

After landing near a sapling, collect all the fruits one by one as fast as you can. You will then be able to notice the level of XP stacked in x3. Once all the fruit is picked, remove the weeds surrounding the sapling in the same way.

This will again grant you a bunch of stacked XP in 3 seconds and you’ll bypass at least one level in your Battle Pass. Once you’re done with that sapling, continue rotating through those biomes, repeating these actions with all the saplings you can find.

The method can’t get you banned because it’s a bug that a live Battle Royale match has and since Epic improved the XP, you can use it as many times as you want. At the end of a match, an average XP of approximately over 100,000 will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

You can also use this method in a Team Rumble match where you can land in your own territory and claim Reality Fruits from saplings without risking being knocked out by an opponent. Players have already started working with this method and have earned over 400,000 XP in just a few matches.

More XP exploits can be seen in the future as Epic takes steps to fix the broken XP system this season. However, players are still using whatever they can to level up and complete the pass as soon as they can so they are ready for IndianaJones as he soon comes to the loop.

Daniel K. Denny