Joe Satriani Unveils Comic-Inspired NFT Collection

The collection is based on the rocker’s Crystal Planet series

Following the successful launch of Joe Satriani’s debut comic book series, Crystal Planet last January, the penultimate issue is slated for release in April. Created by Joe Satriani and Ned Evett, the series is published in conjunction with Incendium under its music-focused OPUS imprint. Due to fan demand, extremely limited quantities of first printings of the first three issues of Crystal Planet are only available direct from Incendium while supplies last, with wide release via comic book retailers slated for this summer.

Number one of this vivid space odyssey introduced us to Satchel Walker, a timeless man who finds himself caught between desperate factions as they fight for resources in the perilous orbit of a dying star. In a bold and brutal saga of sentient storms and Wingsuit armies, it is music, and more importantly the power and emotion that music can evoke, that could end conflict, restore harmony to the time stream and reveal Walker’s true place in the universe. In issue four, Satchel realizes there is a chance of defeating the Swarm if he learns to use the power contained in his father’s old guitar, but in a sinister turn of events, someone from his past comes back and steals all hope… and the future, from him.

“It turns out that the future on Crystal Planet looks a lot like the music industry on Earth these days, which is to say totally unpredictable and chaotic!” Satriani shares. “Add the evil Swarm to the mix, and it’s positively explosive. Hey Satchel, time to turn on and set the Time Shredder!

Crystal Planet begins with a five-issue arc. The first print edition of each issue will be released as a limited-edition collectible comic in prestige format, featuring cardstock covers, special foil treatments, glossy pages, and individual numbering. Each first printing was limited to 1998 copies at $19.98, and any remaining stock can be ordered here.

As previously announced, the world of Crystal Planet has expanded beyond the printed page into toys and collectibles. A Joe Satriani Crystal Planet action figure featuring Joe in a Tri-Diver costume from the comics with his signature Crystal Planet Ibanez guitar will ship at retail in May 2022 with an earlier allocation reserved for pre-order customers shipping from March .

Additionally, Crystal Planet NFTs will be available via Sweet with prices starting at $0.99, the collection includes virtual trading cards, select rarities feature original Satriani animation and audio, bringing the comic to life through new medium and expanding the world of Crystal Planet in digital space, alongside physical print and collectibles. Any fan who holds a Crystal Planet NFT will be eligible for fan-focused giveaways including physical and digital prizes, with future tour benefits to be revealed.

Daniel K. Denny