Kevin Bridges teases ‘potential’ new tour dates as Scottish comic blasts touts

Comedian Kevin Bridges has teased fans that new tour dates may be added to his sold-out tour later this year.

The Clydebank-born comedian made some serious hints of extra performances as he blasted touts for cashing in.

The 35-year-old’s upcoming Overdue Catch-Up tour sold out within minutes when it was announced last year, leaving fans stuck in huge online queues with thousands more .

A fan has taken to Twitter to complain about Viagogo’s pricing as two tickets to the Bridges Newcastle show would now cost a bettor £321.

In response, the Scottish comic slammed resale sites, writing, “Bonkers. Again, please don’t use these sites.. Cheers!”

Fans appreciated the responses praising the comedian for urging people to stay away from resale sites and their sky-high prices.

Someone raged: “There needs to be government intervention around these sites, completely ripped off merchants. Until then, there needs to be individual restraint not to use them, stifle demand, or else they’ll just continue”

“The way this site is still licensed is an absolute joke! They even say up top that they can’t guarantee entry but are still allowing ticket sales (I mean they have Ed Sheeran tickets available – you’d think they learned from the last time ),” fumed another.

A third wrote: “These people are real piss takers and scum. Why do ordinary punters keep feeding these people buying at these prices? Even if you have too much disposable income no one should ever fall in this shit”.

It’s not the first time the Glasgow comedian has spoken out against such websites, as his tour was first announced he encouraged fans to buy only through official channels.

Bridges said at the time: “As always, please don’t use Seatwave, Viagogo and all the other b*****d stealing sites. Today was just a presale. The general sale is Friday and there will be a few additional dates added.

“Please don’t pay more than the ticket price for these. Cheers!”

Kevin will perform a record 15 shows at Glasgow’s OVO Hydro from September 2-25 later this year.

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Daniel K. Denny