Kevin Smith Announces Contest to Be a Character in His New Comic Book Series, QUICK STOPS: Details Explored

Kevin Smith is a prominent figure in the field of comedy, and he rose to popularity after the success of his low-budget comedy film, Clerks. If you know who Kevin Smith is and are one of his admirers, you might be surprised to hear about an interesting new project he’s working on.

The famous American filmmaker and podcaster announced a contest via his Instagram post. In most contests hosted by celebrities, the winner usually wins a voucher or a free ticket to one of their shows.

However, Smith’s contest is quite different, as it offers much more than free or discounted merchandise. In Smith’s contest, the winner will have a golden opportunity to appear in Smith’s next comic Quick stops.

Let’s dive deep into the post to get a more detailed look at the contest.

Details explored about the competition announced by Kevin Smith

The podcaster and host have some exciting news for comic book fans. Apparently Smith has confirmed that his upcoming comic Quick stops will introduce a new character. The character will be played by the contest winner announced by him. Don’t miss the contest if you want to become famous by appearing in the next comic.

Kevin Smith is a podcaster and filmmaker (Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)
Kevin Smith is a podcaster and filmmaker (Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

Now let’s talk about the contest, all you have to do is buy a Mooby’s Pop Up jacket. However, this offer is valid until May 29 (midnight). In addition, you will get a winning ticket in the jacket pocket after purchase, allowing you to be part of the project. Now keep in mind that the jackets are not cheap as they cost 125 USD. Those who think they can afford it should give it a shot.

Smith made the announcement via tweet and also posted a video on Twitter.

Kevin Smith’s Tweet says:

“I want to draw you into the comic! Like literally! Buy a black jacket @MoobysPopUp BETWEEN NOW AND SUNDAY AT MIDNIGHT EST, and if you find a winning ticket in the pocket, you become the face of a never-before-seen character in my new comic, QUICK STOPS!”

As stated above, the time window to apply for the competition is quite short. Interested participants should purchase Mooby’s Pop Up Jacket as soon as possible if they wish to appear on Smith’s adventure.

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