Kevin Smith offers the chance to be a character in his new comic

Kevin Smith is giving fans a chance to be a character in his new comic. On Twitter, the director announced that QUICK STOPS would add a new character to the roster. All fans would have to do to be included was purchase a Mooby’s Pop Up jacket before midnight on Sunday. After the purchase, they could check in their jacket pocket for a winning ticket allowing them to be entered into the book. Smith has some of his followers who feel like they’re of age Charlie and the chocolate factory vibrates with this announcement. Now, the jackets aren’t exactly cheap, they’re $125 USD. But, depending on how badly you want to be in a Kevin Smith comic, you can streamline the dough shell out. Watch the announcement video for yourself below.

He tweeted, “I want to draw you into comics! Like literally! Buy a black jacket @MoobysPopUp BETWEEN NOW AND SUNDAY MIDNIGHT EST, and if you find a winning ticket in your pocket, you become the face of a movie never seen before. character from my new comic, QUICK STOPS!”

The filmmaker and podcaster also paid tribute to one of his comic book legends earlier this month. George Perez has passed away and the whole community comes together to pay their respects. Smith was no different and offered some nice words about Perez on his podcast.

“He was one of the good guys,” Smith said. “An absolute legend of course in the art form, including work on WW, including work on Crisis, including work on the aforementioned Infinity Gauntlet…stellar, titanic work, Mount Rushmore. But the thing you hear over and over many times and that I knew personally from all the Comic Book Men people, and also from having met George in real life…he was such a nice guy.

“Such absolute love; we actually still have his shirt hanging on the Stash. In the episode, he gave us one of his shirts…and it’s still hanging on the shirt,” he continued. “What a gentle giant he was – and I don’t mean giant in size, I mean giant in fucking career. And he was a guy who, by all reports, if he went through a scam and the people were like ‘George!’ he would come and score something and then go on. Just a fucking darling.

“They had a thing for him not too long ago where Jim McLauchlin, a friend of ours, invited me to go see him and unfortunately I had a family thing and couldn’t get away with it…You’re tempted to just focus on that, it sucks to lose a legend, but it’s amazing we got this guy,” Smith added. “Look at the work he produced, which will live on forever. His portrayals of some of our favorite characters set the standard, and he set the standard, at least personally, it seems, with the fan base. He always had time for people who enjoyed his work, always had time to represent the art form.

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Daniel K. Denny