Kilwinning comic book store: Alan’s dream of opening a boutique comes true

ARDROSSAN’s Alan McCubbin has made his dream of opening his own comic book and souvenir shop come true.

After quitting his job at Amazon in Greenock, Alan decided it was now or never for him to open a collectibles store.

He desperately tried to find a property in his hometown or in Saltcoats, but when he heard of a unit on the main street of Kilwinning, he jumped on it.

Today, three weeks after opening, he is convinced he made the right decision and does not think he will return to work in the warehouse anytime soon.

AIM Emporium sells comics, Funko Pops, comic book and movie action figures, Harry Potter and Star Wars memorabilia and Alan’s True Passion Trading Cards.

This serious collector has over 30,000 in his personal collection and Alan hopes others will enjoy collecting as well.

“I have been collecting collectible cards for over 30 years,” said Alan.

“I have a huge collection of collectible cards and will be bringing some to the store to sell them as more and more people ask me about them.”

Since its opening, Alan has been inundated with moviegoers who love to grab hold of memories as well as those youngsters who want to spend their pocket money on the latest splits like Hatchimals and Hot Wheels.

“I’m delighted that so many young people are showing an interest in movies, shows and comics, it’s great to see them come in and take a look and then ask about the memories, you can say. that they want to collect whatever they can. ”

Alan can’t imagine returning to work for Amazon anytime soon.

He said: “I loved my job at Amazon, you work hard but it’s a good job and I know I can always go back to this life but I decided I had to try something and thanks for my brother Ian, I realized it was now or never.

“I used to go to comic book conventions, but now it’s great to have my own place here in Ayrshire and people can come and have a look. My brother and I both collect cards and it’s great to take our hobby to the next level with AIM Emporium and talk to the collectors who come to share this hobby.

“I still can’t believe I have my own shop, it would be great to organize events on the weekends and for the schoolchildren when they return, it might even have a mini convention here in Kilwinning one day, now that would be a fantastic pleasure.

Daniel K. Denny