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King Kong has always been my favorite giant monster, more so than Godzilla and such. For me, Kong has always had the best and most heartbreaking story, and even though he’s a giant, somewhat relatable monster. As a fan, a comic that I’ve always wanted in my collection but haven’t seen in a while is a nice copy of Comic strip movie: King Kong, published in 1968 by Gold Key. I’ve come across shipwrecked ones, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen a nice example, like this CGC 9.2 at auction today at Heritage auctions. At $170 right now, good luck finding it cheap anytime, but it’s still a good price. Check it out below.

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King Kong needs more comics

“Movie Comics: King Kong #nn (Gold Key, 1968) CGC NM- 9.2 White Pages. Movie adaptation. Painted cover. Alberto Giolitti art. Back cover pinup. Overstreet 2022 NM – value 9.2 = $85. CGC 10/22 census: 6 in 9.2, 9 more. CGC Leveler Notes: wear on all corners of back cover, wear on all corners of front cover, scuff marks on cover, small name page(s) 1, spine stress lines on cover. Giant comic book sized edition. Cover painted by George Wilson. #30036-809 on cover. Adaptation of the classic 1930s film “King Kong”. The back cover features a pin-up of the front cover artwork. Summaries of stories and images on the inside covers. “King Kong”, screenplay by Gary Poole, pencils by Giovanni Ticci, inks by Alberto Giolitti; A film crew travels to a tropical island for an exotic shoot and discovers a gigantic gorilla who falls in love with their blonde star. 68 pages, in color. $0.25. Purchase price $0.25.”

Fun fact: there is also a cash edition of this book, also from 1968, and it’s much harder to find. This comic-book-sized version of King Kong will do the trick. Go here to get more information and place a bid before the auction ends today.

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