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Edit comic offers

I was subscribed to Observer-Rapporteur since 1970. Over the years, the only habit I have is making the comics page the last thing I read every day. It leaves a good feeling regardless of the rest of the news of any day. I am writing to ask you to consider removing two tapes. The first, and the worst, is Dustin. The main character, a lazy young adult who makes fun of his parents, uninterested in keeping a job, isn’t funny; He is boring. And the rest of the time the jokes are tired: lawyer jokes, big joke jokes, shopaholic jokes. The other band is Sally Forth. This strip became an exploration of a dysfunctional family with few sympathetic characters.

I follow several comics online and can offer replacement suggestions. It would be nice if you could bring Frazz back. New Ideas: Sherman’s Lagoon, Adam@Home, One Big Happy, and a personal favourite: Overboard, an impossible-to-describe strip of modern-day pirates.

I know unions have different prices for different bands and some or all of my suggestions would fail an economic test, but it to have be other, better options out there.

Daniel K. Denny